Saturday, December 27, 2008

Harvest by Tess Gerritsen

Harvest My Rating: 5 of 5 stars Read: December 2008 This is Tess Gerritsen's first medical thriller, prior to this she wrote romance. Gerritsen a Doctor, left her profession to concentrate on writing & raising her children. I laughed out loud at the manner in which Tess reports on her blog, the awful comments she gets from fans who love her medical thrillers then sample her romance novels. She tells writers and I think this applies to readers as well - "be prepared when you switch genres." "Thriller writers hunger for respect from the mystery world. Mystery writers want respect from the literary world. And romance authors — heck, they’d just like to stop being dumped on." Anyway on with my review, Tess Gerritsen's medical experience shows in her writing, in her mastery of surgical & medical technical details, making for a vivid, authentic & believable story. The Organ Transplant Team at a Boston Hospital is interested in promising surgical resident Abby DiMatteo. Transplant matches are conveniently appearing & wealthy private patients are receiving donor organs ahead of patients with a more urgent medical need. When Dr DiMatteo bucks the system a sinister web of corruption and horror is revealed. The reader makes a connection early on that the Russian orphans being bought and sold are not going to America for adoption or a trip to Disneyland. However connecting the dots does not in anyway detract from the page-turning horror & suspense; twists & turns right to the last page kept me enthralled. The most horrifying element in 'Harvest' is knowing what prompted Gerritsen to write this novel - do some research those reviewers who don't believe this is a plausible story. If you like this review vote for it on Goodreads


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