Review Policy

I write reviews to share my love of books, to share the joy, excitement, suspense or heartache that an author has shared with me. My reviews are spoiler-free and my own personal and honest opinion. I endeavour to write reviews for all books I read in a timely and respectful manner. I'm not a professional reviewer but I've been reviewing books for 4 years. 

I'm happy to receive books for review; ARC and currently published. I'm also happy to host author interviews, book tours, giveaways and guest posts to promote your book. Send me an email if you have a book you think I'd enjoy

I have an eclectic taste in books, hence the name of my blog and I enjoy everything from historical fiction to fantasy, romance to suspense/thrillers, anything paranormal and did I mention that I ADORE YA fiction!!

All my reviews are also posted to my Goodreads account and if an author requests I'm happy to post on Amazon, B&N or Simon & Schuster.

My book ratings (below) may seem a little harsh but over time I have become more selective so it's rare to review a book that I really don't enjoy. However, if I cannot finish a book or find anything positive to say I will contact the author or publicist before putting up a review.

Book Ratings

5    - Best ever! A book to be buried with
4.5 - Loved it
4    - Thoroughly enjoyable
3.5 - Enjoyable but not without issue
3    - Liked it but no problems putting down
2.5 - Disappointing
2    - Didn't enjoy
1.5 - Don't bother ... go watch paint dry
1    - Poke yourself in the eye with pencil


  1. I love others with eclectic taste, my adjective too. Thanks for being spoiler-free! My latest article begs an end to that on Amazon. You and your readers might enjoy my others.

  2. I am always interested in eclectic readers and am glad I found your site. I am an eclectic writer and am presently writing exclusively for Ebook consumption as I think this is eventually the way all books, fiction and nonfiction will be bought and read by young and old alike. I will sent you a request to review my newest group of novels titled Hyde's Corner Trilogy. Book I - No Man's Land is now available for a limited time, free, at and all other major Ebook retailers at the lowest price available to me, .99 cents. I will be offering this introductory promotion until June 15, 2013. Thank you for being an avid reader and willing to express your opinions, something we writers thrive on.
    J B Bergstad


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