Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Thrall's Tale by Judith Lindbergh

The Thrall's Tale My Rating: 4 stars Read: October 2008 The Thrall's Tale chronicles the early viking colonies in Greenland and covers the introduction of Christianity to a pagan shore. Katla, a beautiful thrall (slave) born to a Christian Irishwoman enslaved in a Viking raid, emigrates with her master from Iceland to Greenland in AD985. Katla joins the household of Thorbjerg, a powerful seeress and gives birth to a daughter, Bibrau. These three women alternatively narrate the tale. Judith Lindbergh devoted ten years to researching and writing The Thrall's Tale, creating an intriguing mix of historical detail, norse wisdom, mysticism, lust, deception, retribution and love. It is an engaging and challenging read. This isn't a book you will finish in one sitting. There is much to follow, some of the language is uncommon to modern times, and the heritage and mythology of the Vikings can be challenging to follow, although these elements are what add depth and drama to the story. The Thrall's Tale has received mixed reviews due to the "uncommon, occasionally overwrought" language but I found the language quite easy to adjust to and interpret, hence my enjoyment of a historical period little read. A graphic novel full of sensorial detail. Recommended to: readers of tragic historical fiction, lovers of norse/viking history, maybe not the wisest choice to begin viking history lessons with for those who have read little of that period!


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