Monday, December 08, 2008

Cross Country by James Patterson

Cross CountryGenre: Suspense/Thriller
Series: Alex Cross #14
Publication Date: 17th Nov 2008 (1st published Jan 2008)
Pages: 407
My Rating: 2.5 stars 

James Patterson highlights the very real and horrifying atrocities occurring in Nigeria, Sierra Leone & Dafur (Sudan) & this quite frankly warrants a novel in itself. That is also my only reason for giving Patterson's latest novel 2 stars, oops and 1/2 a star for being a very quick read. 

Teaming the African political unrest and horror with Detective Alex Cross created unbelievable stupidity of mammoth proportions. I normally enjoy Alex Cross novels, but in Cross Country the detective appears to have lost his common sense, his decent family values and quite possibly his mind. 

The decision to pursue a sadistic killer and his juvenile pack of murdering accomplices to Africa while putting his own life and the lives of his loved ones at more than usual risk, borders on moronic! 

The novel is fast paced & graphically violent, the murders by child killers I found particularly disturbing but that is not what I have an issue with. My issue is with the author expecting his loyal readers to believe the totally unbelievable, when a familiar character is portrayed so out of character to be almost unrecognisable. 

Broken nose after broken nose, kidnapping after kidnapping, torture scene after torture scene, beaten senseless countless times, at death's door repeatedly and Alex Cross still makes it home without even a hospital stay ... OH PLEASE. 

If we all took a dumb pill before we started reading this story, the unbelievable may have been feasible, but this reader just couldn't swallow it. 

Sorry, I'm one cheesed off James Patterson fan!!


  1. Hey sorry I've been really dodge with the emails lately! I've been so busy...I read them on my lunch break at work and then forget to reply when I get home. So I HAVE visited your book blog before today and want to tell you it's very, very pretty!

    PS, What did you think of Twilight movie???

  2. Yep, this book was a real disappointment! Glad to know others feel the way I did.


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