Wednesday, January 14, 2009

At the Stroke of Madness by Alex Kava

At the Stroke of Madness (Mira) My Rating: 4 stars
Read: January 2009
Sub-Genre: Serial Killer Thriller

A good, quick read; perfect for holiday reading but a bit of a no-brainer. I guess that sounds a little condescending but it really was a thoroughly enjoyable, involving read with very little strain on the old grey matter.

At the Stroke of Madness is the fourth novel featuring FBI special agent Maggie O'Dell. Alex Kava adeptly portrays a good, strong female lead and continues the understated development of this character. In true Alex Kava fashion, forensic descriptions are well done & romantic interests are left open to hopefully be explored in the next novel.

O'Dell is 'unofficially' on the trail of another killer when bodies are discovered in industrial waste drums in an abandoned quarry in Connecticut. A novel with quite a few twists & turns but some of the red herrings are a tad obvious. I enjoyed the ending even though it defies belief in the competency of Agent O'Dell, leading me to wonder about the competency of my brain function.

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  1. I would vote for it on GoodReads, but I am no longer a member there. Great review!

  2. Found your review via the thriller challenge. I enjoyed the tone & your very personal review. I know that professional reviews are necessary & useful, but one like yours is fun!

  3. I love books with a strong female lead character. I'll have to check this one out.

    I'm reading Threshold by Bonnie Kozek right now and it's got a great female character in Honey McGuiness. The book is a really edgy hard-boiled thriller that I'm having a hard time putting down long enough to work.


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