Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keta Diablo

I stumbled across Keta Diablo's webpage which has the most stunning picture frontpage so I left a comment...she also runs a monthly competition and we all love those!
I was then lucky enough to be contacted by Keta about reading one of her 3 ebooks, Land of Falling Stars, Dust and Moonlight or Decadent Deceptions. With 3 releases in just 2 months Keta is working non-stop to get the word out about her new books.
Being a very lucky & ok I admit it, greedy reader I have 2 of her books, which I promise to share with Alaine & Annie aka The Queen of Happy Endings & The Fussy Princess on Royal Reviews ... and obviously we will share our reviews with our fellow reading addicts.
Land of Falling Stars
Released by Ravenous Romance - January 2009
Historical Romance section
"Penniless, her parents and brother dead, Sophia Whitfield struggles to save her beloved childhood home during the Civil War. Another bluecoat is staggering down the hill, but before Sophia allows him to rob and pilfer like the others, she shoots him. How is she to know it is Gavin, the dark knight of her youth, carrying secrets too horrific to imagine and a passion that ignites her deepest desires? As Sophia gradually learns Gavin's secrets-and enjoys his talents in the bedroom-she discovers how to finally know her own heart. Can she save the Land of Falling Stars, or will she lose it all to the horrors of the War and Reconstruction? And will the Southern lady and the Yankee soldier be able to recapture the bliss of their youth - this time in each other's arms?"
Dust and Moonlight
Released by Siren Publishing - January 2009
Erotic Fantasy, Time Travel Romance
"Fantasy lives in all of us. We long to be carried away to an extraordinary world, contrary to the one we live in. In Dust and Moonlight I've tried to do just that. Join me in a journey where magical powers and true identities are concealed, where an ordinary woman is thrust into a mystical land that threatens her very existence. Kira must rely on conventional wisdom to stay alive in this alien kingdom where wizards, sorcerers and evil reside. Well, conventional wisdom and a wee bit of help from her deceased grandmother who practiced witchcraft in her day. When she meets Balion, Prince of Locke Cress, she discovers cosmic love, a love that crosses all boundaries and withstands the test of time. Live the fantasy, believe in the magic, and join Kira for the adventure of her life . . . and yours. " ~Keta~
To find out more about Keta take the time to look at her blog - Keta's Keep
Check back here for reviews of 'Dust and Moonlight' and 'Land of Falling Stars' - I'm off to a mystical land, to join Kira in the adventure of her life.


  1. So kewl! I love the covers for my books and they look wonderful on your blog! Keta blowing on her fingernails (just a little). And when I'm done blowing on them, I'm going to start biting them! Yikes, three top-notch reviewers reading my books. Scary!

    I hope you enjoy your journey with Kira in Dust and Moonlight and next your journey with Sophia in Land of Falling Stars.

    I am so very appreciative that you featured me on your blog.

    Namaste, Keta Diablo

  2. One of the things I've found about GoodReads authors is that the odds of them contacting readers who belong to groups are higher than usual. I purchased a Keta Diablo ebook and then a day or so later she contacted me - the timing was uncanny! And I enjoyed her book very much - it was my GoodReads Author challenge for the Romance group. Then, a few days later, I purchased a Denise Rosetti ebook and lo and behold she also contacted me through GoodReads a day or so later. How awesome is that?


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