Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

The Black Stallion My Rating: 5 stars
Published: 1941
Pages: 241

The Black Stallion was one of my favourite childhood reads. I first read it as a horse-loving 8 year old, re-read it until my Scholastic copy became dog-eared and visited with The Black & Alec again as a 40 something child at heart. I believe this is the premise that makes The Black Stallion a classic, a book remembered fondly from childhood days, pieces of the story remaining with you over the years, then upon re-visiting as an adult, the wonder of this fantastic tale comes flooding back.

The story begins with young Alec Ramsay and the wild black stallion as the only survivors of a shipwreck. It explores the developing bond and the mutual love between boy and horse developed over weeks on a deserted island, through rescue and return to Alec's family in New York. Neighbour & former racehorse trainer Henry Daily recognizes the Black's phenomenal potential for speed, thus man and boy team up to train the spirited horse & show his talent to the world.

Walter Farley brings readers a wonderful adventure with oodles of emotion. The match race between Sun Raider, Cyclone, and the Black in the final chapter had my heart racing. A must read story of timeless magic for children & any young horse-lover.


  1. Sheree, it sounds so good I think I'll have to read it. Very nostalgic!

  2. I absolutely LOVED this book as a child. I might have to get it again and revisit it. I was so into horses back then, but wasn't every little girl? This book should bring back some memories!

  3. I, too, LOVED this book as a child. I still have it in my collection and now I may have to reread it agin. would that be Re-reread??


  4. LOL I think that's what I did a re-re-read. Maybe there should be a special name reserved just for those books that you re-read numerous times!


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