Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston

Pack Challenge (Magnus Pack #1) My Rating: 4.5 stars Published: 2006 Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance Pages: 213 Pack Challenge is a wicked, hilarious, sarcastic, raunchy romp of a read. It's the first book in a trilogy & the first Shelly Laurenston that I've read & believe me, I will definitely be reading more. Sara works at a chopper shop, chills with her outrageous & slightly psychotic pals Angie & Miki & is completely unaware of her unusual heritage. She is a slightly damaged, very aggressive, antagonistic girl who has no idea how attractive she is to just the right male. Zach is a hot shapeshifting wolf, soon to be Alpha of his pack, the pack that Sara's parents used to belong to. Zach arrives in Texas with his pack to protect Sara from the pride of shapeshifting mountain lions that killed her parents. The plot is simple but well drawn & effectively developed for such a short read. The pace is just right, the dialogue is wicked, especially between the three friends, sarcastic, humouress & bitchy & the banter between Sara & Zach also had me laughing out loud. At one point Zach informs Sara that "there's an array of shifters" so Sara enquires about bunny shifters. The conversation then goes like this Zach - "It is not possible!" Sara - "How do you know? Just because there's no proof to prove it, there's no proof to disprove it either." Zach - You're trying to make me crazy aren't you?" Sara - "Not at all. I'm just saying there could be bunny shifters." Zach - THERE ARE NO BUNNY SHIFTERS! Sara - "You're a bunny bigot" The sex is incredibly hot and steamy and the language while realistic for the characters, is rude & crude so delicate readers consider yourself warned. If you like this review vote for it on Goodreads


  1. Ignore my email! I found you. :) I am so behind on my RSS reader and will be working this weekend to catch up.

    Where did you get this book from? The publisher or Amazon? I might need a wolf read for the 999 Paranormal Reading Challenge. It's been so crazy here that I haven't had time to count how many books I have yet.

  2. Borrowed Pack Challenge from a friend who bought it from Amazon & 2 and 3 "Go Fetch" & "Here Kitty Kitty" I have on e-book but no 2 is also being released in paperback in March.

  3. Maybe he IS a bunny bigot =)

    Found the series by accident and ended up having to get 'Go Fetch' and 'Here Kitty Kitty' and what a hoot they were!


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