Thursday, March 26, 2009

Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 2) My Rating: 4.5 stars Published: 2002 Pages: 291 I actually enjoyed Living Dead in Dallas, the 2nd in this series more than Dead until Dark, hence the 4.5 star rating. Of course you have to embrace the book for its pure entertainment value, if you're looking for literary brilliance you will be sorely disappointed. Living Dead in Dallas is somewhat oddly structured with a main plot that takes up the middle portion of the book & a side plot that works as bookends. Sookie is "hired out" by Eric to Stan, the nest leader in Dallas. With Bill as escort, she must use her telepathic abilities to try and locate a missing vampire. The Dallas trip proves to be a page turning, action packed introduction to other supernatural creatures & a bunch of extremist religious kooks called the Fellowship of the Sun whose mission it is to rid the world of vampires. Living Dead in Dallas is vampire underworld meets hometown 'down & dirty' with a Maenad who feeds on pride & drunkeness thrown in to keep the plot twisting & turning. The story builds to a climatic ending (in more ways than one) with hot & hilarious action between Sookie & Eric. Laugh out loud funny, the orgy scene while grossing me out, had me in absolute stitches. Hope book 3, Club Dead is just as entertaining.

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  1. I have this audiobook on my holds list at my library... you're "dead" on when you say these are pure entertainment. I read the first one a few months ago and got sucked in (he he).


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