Sunday, April 12, 2009

Forbidden Magic by Cheyenne McCray

Forbidden Magic My Rating: 2.5 stars Published: 2005 Pages: 440 The story begins with an interesting premise. Silver Ashcroft is a D’Anu Witch practising grey magic in the San Francisco coven, a coven sworn to use only white magic. When underworld demons Fomorii appear in the city, summoned by Darkwolf, leader of the Balorite warlock clan, an ancient battle of good vs evil ensues. The Formorii attack Silver's coven taking many of them prisoner & Silver does the forbidden, summoning help from the Tuatha D'Danann, Fae warriors from the Otherworld. Hawk, one such winged warrior answers her call & prepares to defend civilisation against this ancient evil. Sound good?? As I said the premise was interesting, even exciting but the train, after leaving the station at breakneck speed, promptly derailed! Poor writing, glaring inconsistencies & crudely rendered sex. I was so sure this author was going to be my next paranormal fave that I bought the first three in this "romance" series before reading the first book. Yeah I know, 'Big Mistake' and did I mention the romance classification, surely that must have been a mistake! This book should have had a 'seriously kinky sex' warning or at the very least an erotica classification, we are talking threesomes and foursomes. I could have dealt with the amount of sex (of which there was plenty) but crude euphemisms for genitalia - 'poking her channel' really did make me want to gag. I've read some very enjoyable erotic fiction but I draw the line at sex scenes that sound like they have been pulled off the pages of a bad porn magazine.


  1. LMAO! Was he poking her channel with his sword of love??? Oh dear. I think we need to have an uncensored chat about this one!

  2. It started of so good, sounded like a book i wanted to read, but honestly, poking he channel?!

    Yeah, buying all the books seems to have been a mistake. That happens. Better luck next time :)

  3. Aww that's so terrible lol Maybe the sex scenes will get better in the next books... or not lol

  4. Annie ~ the poking her channel was just tacky but the threesomes & foursomes needed a warning big time!!

    Blodeudd ~ that'll teach me a lesson won't it LOL

    Mishel ~ LOL, maybe I should get someone to test the others out ha ha

  5. Thanks for the frank review! I feel like you about the crudly rendered scenes. YIKES! Poked her channel?? Please. I know I won't be getting this one.

  6. I thought the book sounded really good until I read further down your post! I bet you were cringing all day when you thought about that sentence!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :-)


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