Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Hunky Hero Post

I've been tagged by the Hunky Hero at Royal Reviews
My Favourite Hero: Awww, this is so hard, the paranormal romance alpha males definitely do it for me but after much indecision I've finally chosen Nathaniel Bonner from 'Into the Wilderness' by Sara Donati
Why he stole my heart:
Nathaniel is alpha when it counts but rarely strays into the ‘Me Tarzan, You Jane’ sector. He uses brain & brawn which is very sexy, he's tender, sensitive, he knows how to take care of his own & last but not least the waterfall scene is just breathtaking . He gave his love, Elizabeth the endearing nickname of Boots which just melts my frozen little heart. LOL
Favourite Quote/Excerpt:
Falling-Day left the room and Nathaniel sat on the edge of the bed to watch her sleep. So many times he had reached out for her in this bed, and she had turned willingly to him. She had come to him with laughter or small sounds of sleepy welcome, in grand silence or with teasing words.
The smell of her could wake him from the dead; he knew this, he believed it absolutely. He hoped that the same was true for her, and so he stripped out of his buckskin and homespun and slipped naked into the cocoon of fur next to her. The corn husks in the mattress crackled as he moved closer to put his face to the slope of her shoulder where it met her neck, in that perfect curve that was now his solitary focus in the world. He rubbed his cheek against her skin and inhaled.
She smelled of herself, and nothing more. the relief of this loosened the tears from his eyes. Eventually, calmed by the smells of her, Nathaniel slept and hoped that she was aware of him.
The room was still dark when she woke him with an elbow and a mumbled curse. Unsure at first of what was real and what had been a dream, he simply rolled away. Then Nathanial sat up and leaned over her; he saw the meager light of the moon shining in her open eyes, her expression creased in confusion and irritation.
"Boots" he breathed.
"I cannot fly," she said, very clearly.
"But you can, lass. You're flying now. Don't give up." Who would play Nathaniel in a movie:
hmm another difficult one but I know that Daniel Day Lewis doesn't light my fire so I'm going with Hugh Jackman or Daniel Craig - my idea of double-coated eye candy!
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  1. I can't believe we choose the same character! LOL at least we tagged different bloggers!

  2. Looking good there mr Hunk :D
    I so need to read this book

  3. Alaine ~ LMAO I just went to your blog and said "We chose the same hero"

    Blodeuedd - you're lucky you didn't get tagged twice but I thought I'd annoyed you enough with an award LOL

  4. If the luscious Mr. Jackman is the actor to play your hero.

    Then he must be something special.
    I have to investigate this phenomenon.

    Jackman is gorgeous..


  5. Thanks for tagging me for the Hunky Hero Review...I don't think that I can help him out! I don't really read any of the types of books that he would be in, such as series books and historical novels. Thanks for thinking of me, though. :)

  6. You chose some really hunky guys there to play your man! LOL


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