Friday, July 31, 2009

Night Embrace by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Hunter #4
Copyright: 2005
Pages: 416
Sherrilyn Kenyon has a wonderful ability to weave ancient history and mythology in a modern storyline and the story of Dark Hunter Talon of the Morrigantes and Sunshine, a quirky, absentminded artist is now a favourite. Talan is an ancient Celtic warrior, cursed by the God Camulus, his history is tragic, much like Julian's story in Fantasy Lover and Kyrian's story in Night Pleasures but it's the journey into Talon's past that captures your heart and has you yearning for a happy ending.
In Night Embrace the dark hunter family expands when Acheron calls in reinforcements to protect humans during Mardi Gras & we are also introduced to were-hunters. Of the new Dark Hunters, Zarek grabbed my attention; dark, conflicted, sarcastic & bitter, definitely want to know more about this bad boy. I loved seeing familiar characters in Night Embrace, Eros, Psyche, Artemis, squire Nick Gautier and of course the scrumptious Acheron, leader of the Dark Hunters. I kind of like the dark, twisted family reunion stuff and hope there's more in the next books! The interactions between the dark hunters was a highlight in this book, akin to OD'ing on testosterone, I loved it and I laughed ... A LOT!
"You know Talon, killing a soul sucking daemon without a good fight is like sex without foreplay.
A total waste of time and completely ... unsatisfying" And the interactions between Talon and Sunshine were many, varied, ('the backgammon table, the couch, the kitchen counter, the floor, the coffee table') & sizzling but I'll let Sunshine's conversation with Salena fill you in on that ...
"Tell me you're joking about this?"
"Nope, not a bit. I'm telling you Salena, forget the energizer bunny, this guy had it all."
... "it's so not like me but I couldn't help myself, it was just like that weird magnetic force that grabs me when I'm walking past the Frostbite Cafe and makes me swerve in to get a triple sccop of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey."
That was her one major vice, Sunshine had never been able to pass up Chunky Monkey.
"The power of temptation was just too much Salena, I couldn't resist it. He was a Chunky Monkey container and all I could think was ... someone give me a spoon!"
This one was a winner for me, a lot of laughs, a tug at the heart strings, some steamy horizontal action, celtic mythology & just enough good vs evil, yep I'm hooked! Bring on bad boy Zarek's story in Dance With The Devil.
Visit Sherrilyn Kenyon's website for the reading order of the Dark Hunter series.
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  1. Oh...I loved Talon and Sunshine! This is such a fun series!! And Zarek is next..hope you like them tortured :)

  2. Help, I can't even remember if I read this one, I think so but it was an e-book long ago on my friends computer, and it took a while

  3. Ooooh, another of my favorites Teddyree!!

    Sunshine was so quirky, I just related to her, loved that character.. :) Her and Talon's story was awesome.

    And, as Mandy says, Zarek - totally tortured hero..

    Listen, thank you for your lovely note over at Beth Kery's the other day, it meant more than you can know! I so enjoy visiting your blog too and it's so wonderful to have friends all over the globe.

    Best to you..

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one! Zarek's story is good =) I think you'll like it.

  5. Teddyree,

    I love this entire series. :) I'm glad you enjoyed this one and hope you like the rest just as much.


  6. I can never pass up Chunky Monkey, either. That stuff is made of awesome.

    Great review!

  7. Oh I definitely have to read this one after reading your review. Great job!


  8. I have never read any of her books. However, based on this review I just have to! Thanks Teddyree.


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