Tuesday, January 26, 2010

O, Juliet Love Poetry Competition

Robin Maxwell author of O, Juliet, due for release Feb 2nd, is hosting a fantastic competition, well actually 2 fantastic contests. One for young adults and one for adults and I so wish I had the ability to come up with a little poem, other than Roses are Red, Violets are Blue ...  but unfortunately I was behind the door when poetry writing ability was handed out!  But for all you budding poets, if you'd like the chance to win a signed copy of O, Juliet,  this gorgeous leather bound journal, and a chat with Robin, don't be chicken, head over to Robin's blog and throw your poem in the ring!

There'll be two separate contests (and winners), one for adults, and one for young poets age 13-18. If you fall into the latter category, you'll need to let me know that in your entry. The winner in each category will receive a signed copy of O, JULIET, a Renaissance style leather-bound journal in which you can continue writing your award-winning poetry and prose, and a leisurely phone conversation with me.

To Enter, simply send in your poem (of any length) here to this blog by February 2nd. Please clearly include your name, email address and whether your poem should be judged in the adult or 13-19 year old category. The two winners will be announced on Valentines Day, 2010

Visit The O, Juliet Love Games Blog to enter!

To celebrate blogging friendships & my birthday two lucky readers can take their pick from a choice of 6 books in my Dec/Jan giveaway. Check this blog post for details. International entrants welcome.


  1. What a great idea for a contest. I used to be able to write poetry and have books of my writing from when I was in high school. I should go dig that out - if for no other reason than just to make me smile. :)

  2. Ahaha.......hi Teddyree..
    I'm really, really suck in poetry...
    learned a bit in high school...and sincerely say... I always fell sleepy during the literature period..what a shame..haha!!! btw...it's a great contest though..


  3. That journal is beautiful but unfortunately I dont really know how to write :-(

    Just wanted to let you know that you have won a competition at Page Turners

    I have also sent you an email about the prize

  4. hmm I read that O'Juliet was not going to be available untill February 2nd..and found it strange that I saw 2 copies of this book in our local bookstore...hmmm

  5. Sheila ~ I admire anyone who can write poetry, you should dig yours out use it as inspiration to enter the contest :-)

    cj ~ yeah I'm with you LOL

    Becky ~ thanks, will be by soon!

    Alaine ~ isn't it, I'd love one :-)

    CelticLady ~ that is strange, I know my review copy should be here this week.


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