Friday, February 12, 2010

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Series: Book 1
Copyright: Dec 2009
Pages: 576
Book Source: Birthday present from Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings

Some loves are meant to be…
others are cursed.

There were no surprises in Gatlin County.
At least, that’s what I thought.
Turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong.
There was a curse.
There was a girl.
And in the end,
there was a grave.

I loved, loved, LOVED Beautiful Creatures. It was unputdownable, 576 pages breezed by and I was completely enthralled. Hooked from page 1, there wasn't one page, not one moment that dragged. Haunting, darkly romantic, unique and mysterious, this was a beautifully written tale, a story to completely lose yourself in.

This southern gothic novel is set in the small town of Gatlin where history is revered, outsiders are shunned, prejudices run deep and secrets abound. It's told from Ethan's point of view which was refreshingly different, and I have to say I totally bought the story through Ethan's eyes. He's sensitive and sweet and he adores Lena, which reminded me of my 18 year old son who is smitten with his girlfriend and writes her poetry even though he's a typical testosterone loaded guy. I'm not going to give away the details of the mortals and not-so-mortals or the intricacies of the magic but I can tell you it isn't like anything I've read before. Lena & Ethan must battle generations of secrets and curses to decide their fate and their future.

I loved the unique world created by Garcia & Stohl, I loved the rich, addictive writing, I loved the star-crossed love story, I loved the dark, slightly sinister feel throughout the novel and I loved the suspense created by the countdown, I loved the role the history of Gatlin played in the story and if you've read to Kill a Mockingbird, you'll love the references to this classic; the reclusive Boo Radley, the similarities between Gatlin & Maycomb.

Beautiful Creatures has so many wonderfully developed characters, not only Ethan and Lena but Macon, Lena's uncle, Amma, Ethan's substitute grandma, and Ethan's best mate, Link who I found just adorable and totally hilarious. Two quotes that particularly tickled my funny bone -

this one from Link;

"Shut up. You're so whipped I should buy you a saddle."

and this from Macon;

"I suppose I am a snob. I loathe towns. I loathe townspeople. They have small minds and giant backsides ... They're junk food. Fatty, but ultimately, terribly unsatisfying."

Garcia and Stohl give readers a seamless and totally addictive story, it's a 'keeper' on my bookshelf. I'm dying to read the next installment so all I can say is ... write fast!

Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to Beautiful Creatures *woohoo* what a brilliant movie it'll make. To find out more about Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and their work visit their website.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. :) I too need to next book . Now!! :) The Macon quote is absolutely hilarious..He had few of the best lines in the book.

  2. Awesome review - OMG I love Link! :) I cant wait for the next book!

  3. I'm another Link lover! He's such a true friend to Ethan (whom I also love). :)

    I really enjoyed all the To Kill A Mockingbird references too.

    Brilliant review!

  4. I have got to start reading this!

  5. To Kill a Mockingbird references too? I really must add this to my list. In fact I am rereading TKaM right now, this would be a great followup.

  6. That is one big YA book, but it does sound good

  7. You have me all over excited now. I can't wait to read it. I bought it two weeks ago, but I need to read Fallen first before I can start it.

  8. gah! i won this from somewhere... and i have to read it now!!!!

    lol "unputdownable" is my new favorite word :D

  9. Oh no, I feel a seriously need to buy this book now. Its been on my wishlist for a while but Im trying not to purchase any more books atm(easier said than done). Brilliant review, Teddyree!

  10. OMG that's such a good review I want to drop everything I'm reading and read it immediately! Will have to put it on next weeks list, but then I won't get anything done if I can't put it down. Oh, what will I do? You've created such a problem!

  11. By the way, now even though I borrowed it from the library I'm obviously going to have to buy it and I've got no more room for YA on my bookshelf so I'll probably have to buy another book case as well. See what you've done!!!!

  12. I hope you're happy now I don't even want to finish my books I just keep looking at Beautiful Creatures and wanting to read that! I could really do with a good love story about now! Maybe I should just ditch all the books I have to read and read this one now. What do you think? Hurry up and answer me, I'm going crazy! Yeah, you're right I'm already crazy LOL.

  13. Hahaha I'm rolling around on the floor laughing my guts out. Ok that's a lie, I'm rolling around on my bed laughing my head off.

  14. Alaine ~ you WILL want a copy to keep, you WILL need a new bookshelf if it's true there are 5 books in the series... but remember "series" ...can you handle the wait right now LOL.

  15. Shweta ~ do you know when the next book's coming?

    Jenn ~ isn't Link the most awesome friend!

    Aye.Me ~ thanks, this is my favourite so far this year.

    Sarah ~ I hope you love it as much as I did!

  16. Bekah ~ you'll totally get the references and it's such an awesome read for so many reasons.

    B ~ I truly didn't even notice the length, it was that good!

    Viv ~ can't wait to see what you think, I have Fallen to read soon too :-)

    Haleyknitz ~ read it NOW, I want to share the love LOL I know some people didn't find it "unputdownable" but I sure did!

    Ladybug ~ you got to have this one!

  17. Well that means I'm going to have to wait until my first semester break to read it! But I can't wait that long. Yes I can handle a series read, I don't mind waiting most of the time. I really need a YA book shelf anway!

    The Awakening audio is really good. I think they will be perfect to listen to at camp next weekend.

  18. I so need to get to this one before I have to take it back to the library. I loved loved your review!!!

  19. You are just making me feel bad... When Will i get this one.. is all i can think about!!

    I so want it :)

  20. You really have a knack of making people really want to read the books you review. This one goes on my TBR too!

  21. "unputdownable"
    Oh I'll be using that in the future. Very glad this book was all that. Thanks for the great review Sheree.

  22. Staci ~ thanks girl, MUST read, don't let it go back to the library unread!

    Veens ~ my bad :-) I'll put a good word in for you with the book fairy LOL

    Hazra ~ aww thanks, so glad I can help 'grow' your tbr pile LOL

    Jen ~ glad you liked my review, don't know whether 'unputdownabe' is even a word but it works for me so I'm sticking with it :-)

  23. well...after reading your review, I have realized that I must give this book another chance as it is sitting on my bookshelf (a lucky ARC find at my library). Back in November, i just could not get into the story but then again, i really did not give it a chance (must have been me and not the book) :)
    Hopefully next month I will give this book another chance. I am thinking, that when I do...I will like it.

    BTW: Great review.

  24. Now I want to read it even more. This is going to be my next book purchase!

  25. Okay, wow. As if I hadn't looked hard enough this past I KNOW I'm headed to the bookstore after work today to find this book!

  26. Brilliant review! I just got this book in my mailbox today, so reading your review really make me itch to start reading mine *lol*

    I especially like the fact that this book was told from male POV. I don't know why, but I've an inclination to like books written that way. I wonder if you've read any other book as such?

  27. I just got my review up, so I wanted to stop by and say thanks again! I loved it! I also just read your review and it's fantastic!

  28. I just bought this book. I think I will read it next :) Great review :D


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