Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cover for Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

Having just finished and loved Spirit Bound, book 5 in the Vampire Academy series, I'm excited about the final installment coming Dec 7th. If you haven't started on this series ... get cracking, you've still got time :-)

Richelle Mead has unveiled the cover for the 6th Vampire Academy book , Last Sacrifice, on her blog Even Read Heads Get The Blues along with this news ...

Last Sacrifice comes out December 7 (in the US, Australia/NZ, Canada, and the UK). It's the sixth VA book and will end the series--about Rose. Sometime next year, another series set in the VA world with characters you already know will come out. I keep calling it "the spin-off series," but it'll eventually have its own name. So, in short, Vampire Academy is ending...and yet not ending. Rose will have walk-on roles in the next series, but expect other characters to be the stars.

YAY not too long to wait!!

Book 1: Vampire Academy
Book 2: Frostbite
Book 3: Shadowkiss
Book 4: Blood Promise
Book 5: Spirit Bound

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  1. I am super excited! I hope Dimitri and Rose pop up a good amount in the new series! I have a theory that the spin-off will be Sydney paired with Adrian.

  2. Sarah ~ I like your theory, would be good to find out more about Sydney & I love Adrian. It does say it's characters we know, so ...

    Parajunkee ~ I know but kinda sad too, just as well Rose will be popping in in the new series, otherwise we'd all have withdrawals. Dimitri had better be with her LOL

  3. My friend Cheryl loves this series...I may have to jump in!

  4. Lately everybody is doing this, spin off of a series. Cassandra Clare, Alyson Noel, and now Richelle Mead...

  5. I cant wait for the last sacrifice too!I'm reading shadow kiss and on the way for the rest ;p


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