Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Fiddler's Gun by A. S. Peterson

Genre: YA Historical
Series: Fin's Revolution Book 1
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 304
Book Source: Book tour by Escape in a Book

America is on the brink of war with England, and Fin Button is about to come undone. She s had it with the dull life of the orphanage, and she s ready to marry Peter and escape the ever-watchful Sister Hilde. But an unexpected bond forms between Fin and the fiddle-playing cook, Bartimaeus, setting her on a course for the high seas of the American Revolution.

*Squeal* this was one utterly captivating read. I laughed, I cried, I sighed, and I was completely immersed in Fin's world from page one. Tragedy, love, hope, redemption; from orphanage antics to adventure on the high seas; The Fiddler's Gun has it all.

Peterson does a wonderful job recreating the tone and feel of a southern colony in British America in the 1700's. Colonists are chafing for independence from British rule, revolution is at hand and turbulence follows on the backs of the redcoats.

It's impossible not to love Fin, she's strong, passionate, uruly, irrepressible, feisty, stubborn and compassionate. She shuns all things "girly" and only Peter (Fin's best friend and blossoming romantic interest) and the orphanage's cook, Bartimaeus Gann accept Fin for who she is. Bartimaeus was a favourite character, his special relationship with Fin and wise counsel brought tears to my eyes but I also adored many of the motley crew on the Rattlesnake; Jack, Tan, Topper & Knut.

"I'm sorry, Bartimaeus."
"Don't you be sorry now. Don't you be sorry. Sometimes we got to look in the dark to see how bright's the dawn."

"Saw twenty mates flush their bloody innards out their bums before they died screaming and bleeding out every hole God gave 'em. It was Captain Creache they blamed. Bad luck hauling the devil's cargo. And hell was the next berth many of 'em seen." (conversation between Tan & Fin)

There's a darkness and violence that give this story a biting edge but Peterson's lyrical writing rounds it out perfectly. I'm not going to give any of the storyline away, this is one you have to experience yourself. An ageless read, definitely one I recommend for adults and teens alike.

The sequel, Fiddler's Green was released Dec 2010 and I seriously cannot wait to read the conclusion of Fin's story.

Visit A.S. "Pete" Peterson's website to find out more.

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  1. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the book, Teddyree! This is just a wonderful story, I loved it!

    Wonderful review :)

  2. Nice review, I remember this one from Ladybug's blog :)

  3. "ageless read" I like the sound of that one for sure!!

  4. Excellent review indeed. I have wanted to read this for some time, must move it up my list. Thanks Teddy :)


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