Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Coffeeholic and the Cafe by Elizabeth Martin

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Copyright: 2010
Pages: 248
Book Source: Borrowed from Alaine

Synopsis: Newly self-diagnosed Coffeeholic Claire moves to Cairns to escape a failed long term relationship and to open the coffee shop of her dreams. But things are not as glamorous as she imagines. The coffee plantation is a dusty farm, the cafe is a tin shed behind a Hills Hoist, and the tall, quiet man who meets her at the station is called Bruce. Despite this and her own addiction, can she create the best coffee shop in Tropical North Queensland? Can she also find love at the same time?

I was dying to read this after seeing Alaine's enthusiastic review, and even more so since Elizabeth Martin is an Aussie author. Not a genre that I read often but I have to say this one was a hoot, the sheer 'Australianness' is an absolute treat.

It's rare to find novels with an Aussie based setting and even less common to read a novel set in Cairns. Martin's turn of phrase and descriptive prose puts you right there in tropical North Queensland, I succumbed to the humidity and "laid back" pace of the tropics, I could smell the rainforest, the coffee and yes, even feel those annoying sandfly bites.

Claire Douglas is a character you can relate to, a failed relationship, a new start, the longing for happiness & the need to know and understand yourself as the past catches up. As Claire rises to the challenge of establishing the "best coffee shop in Tropical North Queensland" she really comes into her own. I loved the assortment of quirky friends and Bruce, the laid-back man of few words, a trait synonymous with Aussie men :)

I thoroughly recommend The Coffeeholic and the Cafe for it's true-blue Aussie flavour, the vivid sense of place, the understated romance, the humour and the capacity of this book to have you drooling for a coffee!

Elizabeth Martin was born in Melbourne, Australia, and now lives with her husband and 3 boys in Cairns. Elizabeth has been residing in Far North since 2000, and loves a good cup of coffee almost as much as a good old-fashioned romance.


  1. Sounds lovely :) And I have not read many Aussie novels, the only ones I have read were set in the 19th century..oh and some harlequins ;)

  2. An Aussie romance - sounds brilliant. Just what I could do with. Shall add it to my list.

  3. Glad to find not only new to me authors but outside USA as well.

  4. This one sounds fantastic and a great way to get that Aussie feel!!

  5. Oh this one is so for me: tropical, coffee, hot guy, and get a feel for my friend's country! I will definitely pick this one up. Thanks Teddy :)

  6. Great review. Coffee and romance...oooh. Both are addictive. Sounds like an awesome book.

  7. Oooh, wow, love the set up and cover -- and with your review, I'm adding to my TBR -- I always love getting addicted to a new author!

  8. Fun review! I should read more books witht he word coffee in the title...LOL


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