Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Initiation by Rebecca Royce + Giveaway

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Series: The Warrier #1
Copyright: Feb 2011
Pages: 211
Book Source: Decadent Publishing

Synopsis: My name is Rachel Clancy. Thirty years before I was born, the world ended. Today is my sixteenth birthday. Today I will go Upwards to fight the monsters and, statistically speaking, I won’t be coming back—at least not still living.

Initiation is the story of sixteen year old Rachel Clancy, born with a specific set of genes that let her fight monsters, she has trained her entire life to kill Vampires and Werewolves. Knowing since birth what her destiny would be has not made the onslaught of emotions she faces as she journey Upwards any easier. It doesn’t help that her father is drunk and her best friend just doesn’t get ‘it.’

Rachel isn’t prepared for the level of deception she faces, and before long she will find herself on a quest she is in no way prepared to handle. What happens next will alter not only Rachel’s life but the lives of everyone she knows. She will learn beyond a shadow of a doubt that sometimes the monsters we know are worse than the ones we don’t and that love can surprise us when it comes from somewhere we never anticipated it.

If she lives, she will be a Warrior. If she doesn’t, no one will ever remember her name.

Exciting and original world building, characters I quickly became invested in, and a cracker pace made Initiation a surprisingly addictive read.

I love the world Royce created, humans live in underground habitats while vampires and werewolves rule the roost upstairs and humans with the warrior gene are sent upwards at 16 to battle the monsters! Thrilling stuff and there's enough twists and turns to keep even the most jaded reader entertained.

Rachel is such a cool character, she's realistic about her lot in life and just a little "outside the norm" making her very likeable. I had to keep reminding myself that she was 16, mature, but 16; and the romance really was all about the sweet taste of first love but the abundant hot male characters, werewolf Jason, Deacon and Warrior Chad are central to the plot and of course good reading candy :)

The simple narrative had me intitially thinking this was well suited for the younger teen but there are a number of sexual references (without the deed) to warrant caution for the younger reader but for the older teen I have no hesitation in saying go for it.

Enough ends are tied up to produce a satisfying conclusion without the dreaded cliffhanger but there's the delicious anticipation of the journey being far from over. I can't wait to continue Rachel's story in Driven!

GIVEAWAY: As part of the Decadent Publishing Blog Stomp I'm thrilled to offer an eBook copy of INITIATION by Rebecca Royce to one lucky reader of my blog. Leave a comment with an email address.

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  1. This sounds a little "Buffyish" (a good thing) except Rachel's always known her destiny.

    There seems to be no standard policy for sex in YA books, not being a YA, that's not a big problem for me, but there have been times I was more than a bit surprised how far it went. I think the YA industry should set up some guidelines and perhaps use a grading system.

    Having been a teen in the late 70's and early 80's and a former high school teacher, I know YA's know all about sex...intimately and books should be realistic, but I wish it wasn't quite so prevalent in YA books.


  2. Oh wow, sounds like a good book and great series :)

    Please enter me too :)

    givingreadingachance AT gmail.com

  3. Teddy, so glad you liked! Rebecca Royce is a gripping author, excellent at world building. Can't wait to hear how you like Driven, the next in the series.

    Thank you for hosting Decadent Publishing today, we're very happy to be here with you!

    Heather Bennett
    Decadent Publishing

  4. I'm not one for post-apocalyptic type settings but I loved this book and the characters.

    I can't wait to get the next one in the series. It's sitting there on my wish list waiting patiently...^_^

  5. OH! Kit is another wonderful author who is writing YA. Thanks for stopping, Kit. :)

  6. Thanks so much for reviewing Initiation and being part of the Blog Hop! I'm so happy you enjoyed it.

  7. Great review. Fun blog. I'll be back.

  8. I still get chills when I read that opening sentence. Not many books can evoke that feeling of anticipation in me anymore. Write the next installment!!!!!! I'm dying here!

  9. I loved reading Initiation! Had some thoughts about Jason at the end. Driven is already on my Kobo waiting to be read.

  10. Love Rebecca! Her books love my Kindle too!


  11. I'm a huge YA reader and this Warrior series is one of my all time favourite series!
    The world Rebecca's created is so unique, I just can't get enough of it. I'll be very sad when it ends.

  12. Thanks for the review. I have two teen girls at home and I always try to keep up on what they are reading.
    @Anne-I sooo agree with you.

    I know too that kids these days aren't stupid. But they aren't always mentally mature enough to understand that what happens in books doesn't always happen in real life.

  13. Sounds like a great book! Very cool with the worldbuilding and the concept. Rachel sounds like a great heroine and I love the closing line and the jeopardy involved - imagine no one remembering you *shudder*

  14. Sounds quite interesting and a little like my friend Buffy. no need to enter me since I don't have an ereader, but hope you win sister!

  15. Apologies for not being here to comment since posting. I had a most unexpected hospital stay but I'm now well enough to blog from hospital so here I am.

    Thanks to Rebecca and Decadent Publishing for stopping by to comment. Rebecca I can't wait to start on Driven!

    I can't wait to see what's going on with Jason, I was a little devastated with the "disappearing act"

  16. Love all YA books, looks good.


  17. Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm on a YA break right now so I may look into this one once I'm in the mood again. Thanks for the review.

  18. Hi my grandaughter and i read about the same books and i love ebooks. I am disabled and they are easier for me to read, Thanks for the chance to win, I use my pc but i really need a ereader, Oh well one day maybe, Have a great giveaway joannie

  19. I just love ebooks. This book sounds great I will be reading it soon!!


  20. Oh I can't wait! You put me on to the Twilight series then the Hunger Games (most fabulous!) and then the Sookie Stackhouse Series... which I've just finished and I"m DYING to sink my teeth into another... and here it is!! Escapism at it's best. And I've never read an e-book before. Stoked I don't have to go to Borders!

  21. I will be sure to recommend this one to a few YA kids out there that I know would appreciate it!!

  22. Sounds great! Can't wait to read it!

  23. This book definitely sounds like right up my alley. Going to have to check it out.


  24. thanks for hosting Decadent Publishing today got some great books can;t wait to read this one. joannie jscddmj@aol.com

  25. nice review and the world in the book does sound thrilling. thanks for being part of the blog tour. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

  26. Very nice review written. I am not one for this type of book but the way the synopsis is written, it really grips you.

  27. Sounds like an interesting book.

  28. Sheree!!! Guess what??? I won the Kindle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this book and the YA Blog Stomp!!!!!


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