Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

A weekly event hosted by Sheila from Book Journey to discuss your reading week ~ the books you've read and those you plan on reading in the coming week. Thanks Sheila :)

Look at the visitor we had last week, after making a noise like a herd of elephants we found this little fellow sitting on the screen door on our back deck. He didn't look so cute hissing & baring his teeth LOL

Alaine & Annie returned from UK, they brought back stunning photos, funny stories, wonderful memories & pressies, which is always loads of fun. Look at my cute mug :)

In other news, Callum is doing great, looking forward to his Year 12 formal (I think this may be like homecoming in US.) I've been back to the specialist and am now on antibiotics for a low grade infection in the suture line on my nose. It's now been 4 weeks and it's still not healing like it should be which is annoying, being on my face!

I'm hoping to get a few reviews up this week and I have heaps of great giveaways on the go and more coming this week. Make sure you check them out!

I reviewed COLD KISS by Amy Garvey



OCTOBER CELEBRATION GIVEAWAY ~ 3 winners. International ~ enter here.

MY LIFE UNDECIDED by Jessica Brody ~ enter here.

THE KINGDOM OF CHILDHOOD by Rebecca Coleman ~ enter here.


Finished last week:

WITHOUT TESS by Marcella Pixley ~ 5 stars  & a bucket load of tears! (review scheduled Tue)

IF I TELL by Janet Gurtler ~ really enjoyable


This Week's Reading List:

LILY OF THE NILE by Stephanie Dray ~ need to read the 1st book in the Cleopatra's Daughter series as I have book 2 to review towards the end of October.

YOU ARE MY ONLY by Beth Kephart

JUNIOR'S DESSERT COOKBOOK by Alan Rosen, Beth Allen ~ I'm hoping to try one or two recipes, apparently it's making Junior's Restaurants best-loved recipes feel right at home in any kitchen.


Reviews still to do:

THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

THE GIRL OF FIRE & THORNS by Rae Carson (review scheduled this week)

LOVE STORY by Jennifer Echols

MY SOUL TO KEEP by Rachel Vincent

MY SOUL TO LOSE by Rachael Vincent


  1. What kind of animal is that on your screen door. I don't recognize it but I think I would have been screaming if I saw it uninvited.

  2. We had a possum in our backyard this week-it must the be week of creatures in the backyard. I just returned from Paris and WH Smith had an amazing selection of Women's Weekly cookbooks. Too bad luggage has weight restrictions.

  3. @ Anne, it's a possum, we get a lot of them in our area, but haven't ever had one trying to get in the back door lol. People do hand feed native possums but this one wasn't too happy to see us on our back deck, looked like he was thinking we were the one's intruding :)

  4. Great photo of your visitor. I guess it was a pretty normal week of reading for me. Please come see what I've read.

  5. I'm sure you will enjoy The Language of Flowers, a very good novel. (I'll never give sunflowers to friends again.) You're welcome to visit for a look at some of the: books on my shelves listed on the right.

  6. That possum is scary looking. I would be so scared!

  7. I'm very excited about You Are My Only, which I preordered and should be receiving...soon.

    And as you know, I got Language of Flowers this week.

    Enjoy your reads! And I must say, I love the mug you've shown today much better than the beast...LOL

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. I love your mug.

    I have two, one says Stressed out and the other Loved up! Covers most days LOL

    Great photo of your possum visitor, I would keep my distance.

    have a good week


  9. I am so glad we don't have Possums here, shudder, seriously I may have nightmares tonight.

    Love your cup, I want one :-)

  10. I hope your infection is over soon!

    Ah, from the comment by Marce I can see what the animal is called! Yes, they're totally exotic here in the Netherlands.

    Have a good week!

  11. I think I would scream if I saw that thing anywhere near my deck! I will be looking forward to your review of Language of Flowers.

  12. I loved The Language of Flowers - hope you did, too and I will be looking forward to reading your review of it.

    Stop by my It's Monday post if you get a chance.

  13. Looks like some great reading. I had better wait on Without Tess because I am emotional as it is. Happy Reading!

    My Monday list:

  14. For some reason I think opposums are cute, until I see one. Then not so much.

    Hope your infection goes away soon.

    Have a great week.

  15. I've been meaning to read my copy of You Are My Only but it has been getting bad reviews =.=

    Thanks for stopping by my Monday post!

  16. That's a possum? It's cute..the ones here in the US are uglier than sin!!! Glad to know that things are going well....hope that low grade infection clears up soon for you!! Have a great week of reading!

  17. I can't wait to hear what you think of You are my Only. I've been seeing it around. Have a good week!

  18. I remember the possums raiding at our farm as grey/white. Wouldn't want one on the door!

    I love the coffee cup.
    I'm going to check The Kingdom of Childhood.
    Have a good week.

  19. Infection?? wth girlie?! Nothing is ever easy for you guys. {{hugs}} and hope the antibiotics do their thing.

    What is that on the screen door? I think I would be freaked out myself.

    And oh Lily of the that cover. Have a good week sweetie!

  20. I don't know what that animal is, but you are way to close!!
    Glad that CAllum us better and hope that you are healing better with the antibiotics. Hugs!


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