Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Franklin's Christmas Gift by Paulette Bourgeois

Genre: Children's Fiction
Author: Paulette Bourgeois
Illustrator: Brenda Clark
Publication Date: 22nd Nov 2011 (1st published 1998)
Pages: 32
Book Source: Kids Can Press & NetGalley

Synopsis: In this Franklin Classic Storybook, Franklin can’t decide what to donate to his school’s Christmas toy drive. At first, all of his toys seem too special to give away, then nothing seems special enough. With some inspiration from his Great Aunt Harriet, Franklin finally comes up with the perfect gift.

I love Franklin, my boys loved Franklin (back in the day) and this was actually one of the many Franklin books we owned. Hence the reason I couldn't resist re-reading and reviewing this one. These books remain timeless, the moral message is just as relevant today as it was when my children were little. 

Every year Mrs Owl's class donate toys to the school's toy drive for needy families. Franklin has struggled to choose a gift because all his toys are "too special to give away." Mrs Owl reminds her class that the gift given may be the only gift some children receive so Franklin goes home to think about giving with thought and from the heart.

Franklin and his friends are very relatable and the bright colourful illustrations are a winner for children. Most importantly this cute little book conveys a beautiful message about the value and selflessness in giving.  

Suited for young children age 3 to 8


  1. My son watched Franklin when he was little and I honestly didn't know that he had books!! I will have to look into this one for Brookie!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I have never read a Franklin maybe they were not around when I was younger

  3. How cute! I vaguely remember Franklin from somewhere...wonderful book for kids.

  4. My boys adored Franklin too! I miss those days!


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