Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 2012 Dusty Bookshelf Challenge

The Dusty Bookshelf Challenge is hosted by Jessica at Books: A True Story

Pixie Dust - Read 0-5 books
Dust Bunny - Read 5-10 books
Cobwebs - Read 10-15 books
Grungy - Read 20+ books

As much as my bookcases tell me I need to sign up at the Grungy level (take note I said bookcases, not bookshelf) I'm aiming for the Dust Bunny level. Hey I've got to have some chance of succeeding, some of these books have been waiting patiently for 10 years :) 

This is the last of my challenges for 2012 ~ I'm being very selective this year (4 challenges plus the Goodreads 100+ Challenge)   


  1. Have fun with this challenge & good luck!

  2. LOL You're not the only one with entire bookcases of books :D Good luck with your challenge!

    Jessica @ Books: A true story

  3. Love the name for this challenge!! Have Fun!


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