Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sister Pact by Ali Ahearn & Ros Baxter

Genre: General Fiction
Release Date: May 2012 
Pages: 384
Book Source: HarperCollins Australia & NetGalley

Two sisters. One reality TV show. A million reasons to play nice.
Two very different sisters. Once inseparable, they have long been estranged after an unimaginable betrayal.

Organised and uptight Frances married the only man she'd ever slept with. But no one told her that seven years later she'd be having sexual fantasies about everyone from the pizza delivery guy to Denis Thatcher. 
Scatterbrained animal-lover Joni never knew she was so attached to her kneecaps until she thought she might have to say goodbye to them forever.

After their beloved grandmother--a game-show addict--dies, they discover that they have each been left one million pounds in her will. The kicker is that they can only inherit if they participate as a team in a gruelling reality TV programme, Endurance Island.

They can survive the jungle. They can survive the humiliating challenges. But can they survive each other?

My Thoughts:
Sisterhood Survivor style! The joys, trials and tribulations of sisterhood are addressed in this light, fun read about estranged English sisters from the pens of Aussie author sisters Ali & Ros.

Joni and Frances haven't spoken in over 7 years but during the filming of reality tv show "Endurance Island" in Australia the 
sisters' gradually let their guard down; vulnerabilities are exposed, truths uncovered and trust regained.

I totally adored recovering drug addict Joni's
irreverent sense of humour and potty mouth and elegant, uptight Frankie's determination and protectiveness. I was also quite the fan of rodent Des ... as unlikely as it is for a ferret to make the flight from the UK to Australia, in a bra, under the influence of rodent valium ... who cares, he was a welcome addition to the cast of characters.

Occasionally corny but the pace definitely worked for me, I sat back and enjoyed the laughs and escapism. Pick this one up if you like 'family' issues served up with humour and a big helping of adventure.

I'd love to do an author interview with Ali & Ros; so if you're reading this girls, shoot me an email :)

PS. The 1st January anticipated release date for Sister Pact has been changed to May 2012. I hope to secure an author interview and post a link to this review closer to the new release date.

About the authors:
Ali and Ros are sisters who are as close as they are different. Ali married the first boy she ever loved. Ros tried to remember the name of hers the other day and gave up and had a chocolate bar instead. Ali thinks everything will work out. Ros thinks everything will get found out. But for all their differences, they are fiercely close and desperately proud of each other. Nothing feels real until it has been spoken aloud to the other. They both love to talk, laugh and write, preferably over a bottle of bubbly and something coated in chocolate. They both live in Brisbane. 


  1. This sounds so FUN!!! I love it!! Thanks for the review on a book I probably never would have discovered! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    1. It was fun Julie, I think it's available US mid year (as eBook) but don't quote me on that LOL

  2. This one sounds like fun! Could you imagine having to compete to get the money. When I next saw Granny in Heaven I would have to spank her!! LOL!

  3. I need to read something fun soon, I really do

  4. Wow, this sounds hilarious! Thanks for the chance of winning this :)

    Twitter link: https://twitter.com/ellenmasquerade/status/209812050522808320

  5. Wow this story is really unexpected. Sounds very interesting! Definitely for our times as we have become quite reality show addicted. I won't be surprised if this was to become a real reality show. It has all the elements to make a great one.

    I would love to read this!

    tweeted Margaret ‏@LiteraryChanteu




  6. Hey Margaret - fingers crossed we get approached to make it into "reality" ;-)


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