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The Turning Of Anne Merrick by Christine Blevins

Genre: Historical Fiction
Release Date: 7th February 2012
Pages: 448
Book Source: Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours

Synopsis: A tale of love and espionage from the author of Midwife of the Blue Ridge... 

She spies for General Washington, betrays the Redcoats and battles for America's independence... 

It's 1777, and a fledgling country wages an almost hopeless struggle against the might of the British Empire. Brought together by a fateful kiss, Anne Merrick and Jack Hampton are devoted to each other and to their Patriot cause. As part of Washington's daring network of spies, they are ready and willing to pay even the ultimate price for freedom. 

From battlefields raging along the Hudson, to the desperate winter encampment at Valley Forge and through the dangerous intrigue of British-occupied Philadelphia, Anne and Jack brave the trials of separation, the ravages of war and an unyielding enemy growing ever more ruthless. 

For love and for country, all is put at risk-and together the pair must call upon their every ounce of courage and cunning in order to survive.

My Thoughts:
Being Australian I'm probably not quite as familiar with events that took place during the American Revolution but I certainly love and appreciate reading or watching movies about this period in history. The Turning Of Anne Merrick is an absolute treat; a delightful blend of historical record and literary embellishment create this captivating, evocative tale.  

It's almost unheard of for me to read a novel out of order but this is actually the follow up to The Tory Widow which the author was kind enough to send but I wasn't able to read in time for the tour. Not to worry, The Turning Of Anne Merrick stands on it's own merit, and it certainly gave me a thirst for more of Christine's writing.  

From the British army's advancement along the Hudson in 1777 to the rebel encampment at Valley Forge and British occupied Philadelphia, we follow Anne, Sally, Jack and Titus and a cast of colourful characters, many based on historical record. Blevins excels here; so many characters to love. Anne, Sally, Pink and Jack were among my favourites, I loved being privy to their lives and invested in the ensuing emotion, not to mention the hilarious lines from sass-mouth Sally. 

The Continental army and patriots up against the might of the British empire, with many 'ordinary' people risking their lives in the fight for liberty. It was refreshing to read of women's contribution to the cause. Anne and Sally's infiltration of the British army is so well written you feel empathy for not just the 'rebels'  or patriots but also for the Redcoats and Loyalists.

Blevins' meticulous research, vivid in-depth descriptions and charming turn of phrase breathes life into this time period, giving an innate sense of time and place and making the pages fly.

She tipped her head to Jack's, and they both gazed up into the heavens. " That's a sight to see. It looks as if the angels spilled the salt cellar over the sky."

Definitely a must read for lovers of historical fiction and I think Sara Donati or Diana Gabaldon fans will also enjoy Christine Blevin's work. The Turning Of Anne Merrick has all the passion, courage, triumph, deprivation and hopelessness that is war and I could see this transferring beautifully to film.

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  1. Great review, sounds like a wonderful book. I love reading about the Revolution and I love Diana Gabaldon books so I am sure I will enjoy this one!

    1. Be sure to come back Friday and throw your hat in the ring for a chance to win a copy, I'm sure you'd love it!

  2. This sounds like a great book!! Thanks for the review!!

  3. I will have to read this, I love historical fiction, especially about the American Revolution!

    1. then you'll love this one for sure!!

  4. I have read..well I am sure I most of read one or two books from this time. But if so then very long ago

    1. B it's been a while since I read something from the American Revolution, most of my historical fiction reading of late has been English history :)

  5. Oh yes...this is one that I will be adding to my list. I love this time period but don't often read many books that take place during it!!

  6. Women have bravely played a role in so many different ways. We have our own brave women, here in India. I look forward to participating in your giveaway.

  7. Oh this sounds like a tour I would have loved! The book sounds breathtaking!

  8. A female spy during the American Revolution? I love the premise! And sassy mouths can be such fun. :-)
    Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  9. I'm on the tour too and currently reading this (review due Friday). I'm really enjoying it so far. You captured exactly what I am finding so great about this book. Excellent review!


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