Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My Baby Boy Is 18 Today ~ WOW

I can't believe that my 4lb 3oz 6 week premmie wee baby is now 18 (and 6ft) ... and what a truly wonderful young man he is. From the very sick baby in Neonatal Intensive Care to the determined, strong, resilient, caring and thoughtful young man he's become. 
You made it Callum! Happy 18th Birthday honey :)

Love you always and forever and I'm soooo proud of you xoxo

This morning I got up with Callum at 4.30am so we could watch Manchester United vs Manchester City and of course do presents before he left for uni. Unfortunately Man U couldn't pull off a win for Cal's 18th ... very inconsiderate of them ;)

We'll do dinner out somewhere tonight since I can't cook his favourite meal one-armed. We had our family celebration last weekend so this weekend Cal will party with mates. 18 is the legal age in Australia to vote, buy & drink alcohol, enter night clubs etc. I know that's not the case in all countries but I'm sure Cal will be making the most of this new phase in his life.

Cal and iPad ~ now he can stop using mine :)

Callum, Bella & me

Anthony & Callum

dinner at Hog's Breath on Saturday night


  1. Your baby is 18 years old...wow. You should be proud of him - Callum seems like a wonderful and handsome young man.
    Happy Birthday to him!

  2. Happy Birthday Callum!!!! he is quite the handsome young man and he looks just like you!!!!

  3. Aw, happy birthday to your son! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Callum....what great photos Sheree...can't believe how quickly time flies when your kids are growing up. Am sure you've had a wonderful celebration.

  5. Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Happy birthday to your (now adult) baby boy! :)

    Allison @ Well-Read Reviews

  6. Happy Awesome 18th Birthday, Callum!!! He's a great looking young man and one you can most certainly be proud of, Mom!!

  7. Happy birthday to your son!

  8. aww, what a dashing (not so little) man you've brought up Sheree! I hope he enjoys his 18th! :)


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