Thursday, January 17, 2013

Short & Sweet Review ~ This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Night Huntress #5
Publication Date: 
Pages: 357
Book Source: Own purchase

Synopsis: Danger waits on both sides of the grave.

Half-vampire Cat Crawfield and her vampire husband Bones have fought for their lives, as well as for their relationship. But just when they've triumphed over the latest battle, Cat's new and unexpected abilities threaten to upset a long-standing balance . . .
With the mysterious disappearance of vampires, rumors abound that a species war is brewing. A zealot is inciting tensions between the vampires and ghouls, and if these two powerful groups clash, innocent mortals could become collateral damage. Now Cat and Bones are forced to seek help from a dangerous "ally"; the ghoul queen of New Orleans herself. But the price of her assistance may prove more treacherous than even the threat of a supernatural war . . . to say nothing of the repercussions Cat never imagined.

My Thoughts: 
You all know I have the hots for Bones ... I'd marry him & have his babies in a heartbeat but he's already taken so I settled for a kindle named Bones ... poor substitute but you take what you can get ;)

This Side of the Grave was action packed as Cat, Bones and the team battled some nasty ghouls intent on an all out species war. But this installment wasn't without some touching moments and the smart-ass one liners from my favourite vamps seriously cracked me up. Cat is a matured version of her kick-ass self and Bones is Bones. I loved their flirtatious teasing and sexy time was set-the-sheets-on-fire hot!

If you haven't started this series you are seriously missing out!

Need more convincing: here's my reviews for the first 4 books
Halfway To The Grave #1 ~ 5 stars
One Foot In The Grave #2 ~ 5 stars
At Graves End #3 ~ 4.5 stars
Destined For An Early Grave #4 ~ 4.5 stars

Visit Jeaniene Frost's terrific website & blog to find out more about this author and her work.


  1. I am glad that you continue to like this series :D

    1. yep, always good when a series doesn't disappoint :)

  2. I can't wait to meet Bones! I don't want any more babies but hot sex is good for me!! :D
    I bought book one on because of you. Hope it doesn't make me blush too much if I listen to it on the way to work. But then again, it will probably put me a very good mood!!!

    1. I'd be more worried about book 2 hahaha. I can't wait for you to read these Staci :)

    2. Awesome!! I have book one on audio....will I drive off the road?

  3. I am definitely missing out 'cause I have not read this series, but it sounds like I need to, right now!

  4. I received a review copy of this book and I haven't read it. I have kind of... put it to the side because I have never read any of her other books. Do you think this can stand alone or do you think I need the whole series?

    P.S. - I'd so jump Bones, too! :)

    1. LOL Jaime, I guess it could be read as a stand-alone, each book covers a little back story and wraps up - no cliffhangers but personally I'd start at the beginning of the series, you get so much more out of it and besides book 2 has the hottest sex scene ever lol


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