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Escape Publishing's 1st Birthday ~ YA Bundle Giveaway

On the 14th November ESCAPE PUBLISHING, a digital division of Harlequin Enterprises Australia celebrates their 1st birthday. Here at The Eclectic Reader we're excited to help them mark the occasion with a month long giveaway party to spread the word about their internationally available eBooks.  

Up for grabs this week ... an awesome  

by Carly Drake
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: 10/2013
eBook Pages: 160

YA meets high fantasy in this lush series debut about a girl who never quite fit in — and the reason why...

Evelyn might not love the confines of her village life, but she takes her small freedoms where she can get them. But everything changes when her parents decide it’s time for her to wed. Suddenly she loses her tunic and breeches, her bow, her horse, and gains rigid gowns, restrictive manners, and carriage rides.

The best way to escape is through her dreams, but as they become more and more real, Evelyn begins to worry that she is losing her grasp on reality. It is only when she makes two new friends that the truth is revealed: she is destined for far, far more than even she could imagine.

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by Jenny Brigalow
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: 10/2013
eBook Pages: 266

An original paranormal YA about an unconventional girl, an unconventional boy, their extraordinary transformations, and the secrets of the Scottish Highlands.

When skater girl Morven Smith turns sixteen, she develops boobs, acute appendicitis...and a pair of pointy teeth. While she is stunned by her metamorphosis into vampire, her best mate, the enigmatic Zest, is not. For the young werewolf, Morven’s transformation is an answer to his lonely prayers.

But they are unable to celebrate their mutual paranormalcy for long — there are too many dangers, too much suspicion, and too many questions. It’s only in Scotland that Morven can learn the truth about her past. But she discovers more than she bargained for when she meets her birth family — an ancient feud between vampires and werewolves. They may both be Children of the Mist, but only one species can survive.

by Lauren K. McKellar
Genre: YA Contemporary
Release Date: 10/2013
eBook Pages: 165

Moody, atmospheric, and just a little bit punk, Finding Home takes contemporary YA to a new level of grit...

When Amy’s mum dies, the last thing she expects is to be kicked off her dad’s music tour all the way to her Aunt Lou in a depressing hole of a seaside town. But it’s okay — Amy learned how to cope with the best, and soon finds a hard-drinking, party-loving crowd to help ease the pain.

The only solace is her music class, but even there she can’t seem to keep it together, sabotaging her grade and her one chance at a meaningful relationship. It takes a hard truth from her only friend before Amy realises that she has to come to terms with her past, before she destroys her future.

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by Beth Fred
Genre: YA Contemporary
Release Date: 09/2013
eBook Pages: 140

A turbulent, emotionally charged YA novel that breaks down barriers and challenges the status quo...

Angry, seventeen-year-old Iraqi war refugee Mirriam Yohanna hates her new life in Killeen, Texas, where the main attraction is a military base, populated with spoiled army brats like Caleb Miller.

Caleb has much to be angry about too, including Mirriam who turns him down flat in front of everyone. Eager for retribution, Caleb agrees to a dare that will see him take Mirriam to the prom and regain his pride.

But their relationship soon moves beyond high school antics. Mirriam and Caleb are bound together by more than location, and as they are forced to work closely together on a school assignment, they start to uncover an explosive story that has the potential to ruin lives — and both of their futures. One single truth changes everything and strengthens their bond.

When Mirriam's family discovers their relationship, they decide it's time to arrange her marriage to a proper Iraqi man. Caleb must convince Mirriam that he is in it for forever — or risk losing her for good.

by Maggie Gilbert
Genre: YA Contemporary
Release Date: 04/2013
eBook Pages: 127

For readers of Jenny Downham, John Greene and Maureen McCarthy, a poignant young adult romance about following your dreams and realising what really matters.

What can you do when your own hands are the enemy? Hold on tight, for as long as it takes.

Melissa has secrets. Sure it’s pretty obvious she has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, but no one knows how bad it is or how many pills she takes for the pain. She’s determined to make her horse Jinx into a champion and she dreams that her childhood friend William will one day see her, rather than her condition.

So when William asks her out and Jinx is shortlisted for selection in an elite training program, it seems Melissa’s dreams have come true. But when her secrets are exposed, all those dreams come crashing down around her. Can William ever forgive her? And can she learn about letting go in time to truly ride on air when it matters most?

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To enter the giveaway just leave a comment telling me which book is calling your name? The winner will get the eBook bundle above and it's International!! 

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Giveaway ends 19th November. Winner will be drawn via and announced on my blog. Good luck everyone!


  1. It's hard too choose. I think Words Once Spoken is calling my name. I'm very excited about this giveaway.

  2. I tweeted the giveaway.

  3. Riding On Air is catching my eye right now. Thanks!

  4. Children of the Mist and Riding On Air both grabbed my attention. Happy Anniversary to Escape Publishing.

  5. THE CHILDREN OF THE MIST is getting my attention right now.

  6. Finding Home :)

  7. Riding on air sounds nice;

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  10. Words unspoken and finding home both look really good! I'd definitely pick one of those. I love your blog, btw! I'm a new follower :)
    My email is on my G+ profile or my blog
    -Dee @ Dee's Reads

  11. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! I would love to be entered if possible.

    "Riding on Air" ~ sounds fantastic, and not only because i love the YA genre. I am a keen equestrian enthusiast, horse ride and have loved reading horse stories since a child. This is definately something that i would enjoy reading + commented on post of this book.

    Thank you once agin x

    (Email: lfountain1(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk )

  12. hard to chose just one, but definitely words once spoken! I'm another big YA fan.


    anastaciaknits at gmail dot com


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