Sunday, January 12, 2014

Book Blog Walkers: January ~ Weekly Update #2

Book Blog Walkers 2014 Large Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check in Jan 10, 2014

The wonderful Felicia at Geeky Bloggers Book Blog has decided to do the Book Blog Walkers Challenge every month in 2014. I've had a good week, despite some hiccups on the home front which resulted in no inclination to blog but I did  'stress' walk ... yay me! 

I'm combining the fun of this group and my fitbit, chatting with friends and fellow bloggers to stay excited motivated about exercise. It also helps that our dog Bella loves her walks.

Over the last week I've walked each day with the exception of  last Saturday where I literally dragged myself around at snail's pace in 41 degree heat (106). Weekdays I walk Bella for 45 mins in the early evening and listen to an audiobook and on the weekend my partner walks with me. 

My best day was Wednesday 15,300 steps (approx 10.5km) and least day Saturday 6,100 steps and I had 4 days over 10,000 steps which sounds more impressive than it really is as the fitbit is a step counter for the entire time it's worn so as long as your moving, steps are counted. A bit over half of my daily steps are done during intentional exercise, the rest while gardening, groceries, housework etc etc. 

I'm thinking that if I keep this up not only will it get me fit and healthy for a busy holiday in the UK in late Oct with my best friend and her daughter but I'm considering doing my first ever Bridge to Brisbane in September and I can't believe I'm saying that lol ... participants choose 5km or 10km. 

Sign up ... it's actually fun

How's everyone going? need an extra cheer? 


  1. That is a lot of walking. Only mad people would walk in 41 degree heat! 31 and I would be crying foul! I had a break from walking today - Sunday, had a friend come round and we didn't walk. I spent couple hours showing him how to set up his iPad. Kept getting told off for tapping things before he knew what I was doing! Back to the walking tomorrow.

  2. That is an amazing achievement! Well done :-) I'm so unfit so this is something I definitely should do.

    Happy reading!

    PS. I adore your blog header!!

  3. You're doing great! Pretty sure I wouldn't be out in the extreme heat though. I hope that goes away. The fitbit is an amazing little motivator, isn't it? And walking really does help with stress levels. Keep up the great job!

  4. Good for you girl!! So proud of you!!!

  5. Awesome! I just signed up for a half marathon the end of February.... 2 months before I planned on doing one... I have a lot of steps to start working on.

  6. Good for you! Good luck :)

  7. Sounds like you're doing awesome! Dogs really do help with the daily walking, don't they? And an audio book is always a nice addition. Good luck!


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