Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review: Deserving Death by Katherine Howell

Genre: Suspense/Thriller
Series: Ella Marconi #7
Publication Date: 1st February 2014
Pages: 320
Book Source: Thanks Katherine ... you ROCK!

Synopsis: Two female paramedics murdered in a month. Is it coincidence, or are they victims of a serial killer? Detective Ella Marconi isn't sure, but goes hard after her key suspects, including police officer John Morris. But each turn of the case throws up more questions and entanglements, and Ella and her partner, Detective Murray Shakespeare, struggle to find the truth among the lies. Ella also attempts to balance work and her relationship with Dr Callum McLennan, which is both growing both stronger and more difficult as they face Callum's mother's disapproval and the anniversary of his cousin's murder. Meanwhile, Carly Martens - paramedic and close friend of the second victim - conducts her own investigation. She's certain that her fellow paramedic Tessa Kimball is hiding something, and her refusal to let it go puts her, Tessa, and even Ella into more danger than Carly could ever imagine.

Detective Ella Marconi returns in this thrilling case, set against the dangerous background of drug deals, police corruption and deadly consequences.

My Thoughts:
Testament to Katherine Howell's talent, the 7th in the Ella Marconi series is fresh and polished with the author's trademark blend of paramedic voyeurism and investigative punch.

With each review I worry about doing justice to Katherine's novels without sounding like a broken record, but you know what, when something's good, I think repeating myself is allowable, essential even, heck it's practically a public service :)

I love that character development isn't sacrificed for plot advancement, no mean feat in pacey suspense. What elevates Deserving Death to a new high is the intimate focus on topical relationship issues ... I seriously loved that focus. 

Detective Ella Marconi is the constant in the series and Carly Martens and Tessa Kimball are the paramedics this time around. In Deserving Death we see Ella's relationship with Dr Callum McLennan reach something of a turning point. Can I confess, after all this time wanting things to work out for Ella, I'm not sure I actually like Callum that much. 

With 100+ pages to go I had the bad guy picked.

I'm usually wrong. 

I wasn't.

Imagine my glee; you'd think 'knowing' would have watered down the suspense but Katherine is the queen of red herrings and subtlety, so I continued to doubt and second guess and then high five my own cleverness. HA

Deserving Death is another unputdownable read, one that warrants sleep deprivation ... 

Go on, get yourself a copy. Oh what the heck, lash out, get the whole series. 

... you're welcome ;)

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  1. Sound really good! It's fun to be right about the bad guy isn't it?

    1. Doesn't happen very often Mary so I enjoyed the 'novel' experience lol. I love this series and you should try it :)

  2. Replies
    1. don't worry B I don't very often and I've been reading this genre for 30 years haha

  3. I know I've one of this series around here...

  4. I usually shy away from suspense/thriller reads as my fingernails and my anxiety usually take a hammering lol….this series sounds like it might be worth a few chewed fingernails though. I particularly like reading about paramedics so I will have to look out for this series.

    And yes, I'm 99.9% wrong figuring out the 'who dunnit'

    1. YAY Karen, I'm bringing you to the 'dark side' lol. My mission: you will read one of Katherine's novels in 2014 ... and I won't even force you to start at the beginning :)

  5. Uh oh, sounds like I need to be reading this series.

    1. yup ... I know how much you like your crime/forensic/suspense reads, I'm sure you'll love Katherine's Ella Marconi series Nise!

  6. Another author I must check out! This sounds like my kind of series. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Laurel, hope you get the opportunity to give this series a go!


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