Saturday, April 26, 2014

Review: Thursday's Children by Nicci French

Genre: Psychological Suspense/Thriller
Series: Frieda Klein #4
Publication Date: 26th March 2014
Pages: 421
Book Source: Penguin Books Australia

Synopsis: When psychotherapist Frieda Klein left the sleepy Suffolk coastal town she grew up in she never intended to return. Left behind were friends, family, life and loves but, alongside them, painful memories; a past she couldn't allow to destroy her.

So when an old classmate appears in London asking Frieda to help her teenage daughter, long buried memories resurface. But when tragedy strikes, Frieda has no choice but to return home and confront her past. And monsters no one else believes are real . . .

Through a fog of alibis, conflicting accounts, hidden agendas and questionable alibis, Frieda can trust no one in trying to piece together the shocking truth, past and present.

My Thoughts:
I rarely, if ever read a series out of order but the publisher assured me this book worked well as a stand alone. Not sure I agree but too late now. I certainly enjoyed the writing style but I think I'd have got more out of Thursday's Children if I'd read the previous books in the series. 

Frieda Klein ... hmm. Reading the books in order do you feel more of a connection with her? Obviously she's a very good psychotherapist but she also comes across as a hard-ass, emotions tightly in check. I'm sure the woman has a heart in there? And she does have a close-knit circle of friends so that's gotta be good. Right? Frieda's friend Josef is particularly adorable. 

Frieda returns to her home town on the trail of a rapist/murderer whilst piecing together traumatic memories from her own past. Add to the mix, she's not been back to Braxton since leaving 23 years ago and her mother is now dying and unlikable, although I'm guessing she was unlikable long before she was dying. 

It's a gripping crime fiction with a bleak, menacing feel ... sad to read of young rape victims not being believed by family members. 

There were a number of references to Dean Reeve but not having read the previous books I'm a bit lost on his significance and the connection between him and Frieda, other than it ain't feel-good. 

Now to hunt down Monday to Wednesday :)

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  1. I think I would have a hard time reading about a therapist that's a hard ass :)

    1. I'm sure she's a compassionate therapist Julie but I should ask someone who's a fan of the series whether you get a better sense of Frieda if you've read the previous books.

  2. I was all what? Oh the days, the days, I am tired, lol

  3. I would never recommend theses as standalones, though each book features a distinct case the continuity of the characters is crucial. I'm planning on reading this soon, having read the previous books

    1. I enjoyed the story line and writing style Shelleyrae but I wish I'd kept to my rule. But you're just the person to ask having read all the books ... is the connection with Frieda more tangible?

  4. I have the first of the series on my wishlist. Series books so rarely stand alone, no matter what the publicist wants us to thing :)


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