Monday, March 02, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

A weekly event hosted by Sheila from Book Journey to discuss your reading week ~ the books you've read and those you plan on reading in the coming week. I love this meme, it helps me stay on track ... well, most of the time. Thanks Sheila! 

On the home front: 
It's a long post this week, so grab a cup of tea or if you're just interested in the book stuff scroll right on past, I promise I won't be offended lol. Another busy week ... appointments, my partner's birthday, day trips to the coast with Anthony, Christine & Mia to visit my dad and Mike's mum and dad, lots of family time and photo opportunities. Callum and his girlfriend are happily settled in a 1 bedroom unit, still in south Brisbane but about 25 mins from us. 

Thanks for your well wishes last week, bummed I didn't get a definitive answer from the specialist about the burning pain I've had in my hands for a couple of months ... more tests, more specialist appointments and more waiting, something I'm not particularly good at lol. Lupus hasn't been ruled out and neither has permanent or semi-permanent nerve damage from the kidney medication I've been on for over ten years. "Be patient ... we'll figure it out" ... yep, thanks Doc. When you figure out how I can go through the day with my hands in the freezer or a bucket of cold water I'll be laughing ;)

It was officially the first day of Autumn yesterday but summer is not finished with us yet. This week we are in for scorching weather and high humidity *blah* 

my gorgeous granddaughter 8 months old
photos taken ~ the Broadwater, Gold Coast

#FitReaders co-hosted by Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About.  FitReaders is a great way to stay motivated, accountable and it's more fun having bloggy friends to check in with. If you also have a fitbit and want to add me, let me know. I'm now in for March :)

A trip to the coast to visit my dad and then Mike's family at Bribie Island meant a couple of beach walks which is always much nicer than walking at home.  The annual Sand Safari sand sculpting competition was on at the Gold Coast so we got to see the amazing entries on our walk. This one was the winner ... very cool since I'm a big Eeyore fan :)

Fitbit Steps: 
Mon: 8196 steps
Tue:  8064 steps
Wed: 9788 steps 
Thurs: 8555 steps ~ walk on beach & esplanade
Fri: 6340 steps ~ short walk with Mia & Bella
Sat:  7034 steps ~ walk on the beach with Bella
Sun: 8082 steps 


Reviews & Posts: (click on title)

THE ROAD TO HOPE by Rachael Johns ~ trademark humour, passion & emotion

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula Hawkins (audiobook) ~ these characters were seriously messed up (and that's putting it politely)


Finished last week:

THE GIRLS OF MISCHIEF BAY by Susan Mallery ~ review Wed. Loved it! 

THE TAPESTRY by Nancy Bilyeau (Joanna Stafford #3) ~ blog tour review 17th March


This Week's Reading List: 

TELL THE TRUTH by Katherine Howell (Ella Marconi #8) ~ woohoo

MIST OF MIDNIGHT by Sandra Bryd 

THE LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE by Cynthia Hand (audiobook) ~ 1 hour to go. A departure from Cynthia Hand's usual, very moving. 

THE BRAIN THAT CHANGES ITSELF by Norman Doidge (audiobook) ~ 30% done. Fascinating stuff but I can only listen to so much before my eyes glaze over ;)

And these three audiobooks are all available tomorrow from the library via Borrow Box ... love this service. Not sure which one to listen to first but I'm going to be busy haha


Reviews Coming:

ONE WISH by Robyn Carr ~ guest review by Karen + giveaway on Tue

THE VIOLETS OF MARCH by Sarah Jio ~ this one was a win from Stacy @Stacy's Books quite a few years ago. Love Sarah Jio's writing and enjoyed this little treasure. 

THE TUDOR VENDETTA by C.W. Gortner (The Spymaster Chronicles #3) ~ enjoyed it and surreal to be visiting Westminster, walking London and Southwalk while reading this one. 


  1. I have neuropathy too, from 12 years of various chemothapies, but it doesn't hurt, its just annoying and does limit some of the things I can do. In my feet its much worse and I have to use a rollator for walking to maintain my balance. Hope you get some answers soon.

  2. Wowee what a sandcastle sculpture - amazing, deserved to win. Ouch medicine - so often they don't have the answers, I know from a couple of my sisters who have conditions Drs finding it hard to bring answers. Hope they do in your case soon, not easy to deal with.
    Great walking, yeah the beach is so nice to walk on and you have such long beaches in Australia.
    Looking forward to your upcoming reviews.

  3. Glad you got some beach time with the family. Love the sculpture. Sorry about the answers not coming, I know exactly what you are experiencing.

  4. You have been busy. I'll be praying that your pain will be relieved soon.
    Those are cute pictures and great sand sculpture.
    You've been doing some good reading. I'm interested to see your thoughts on The Tapestry later this month.
    I hope this week goes well for you.

  5. Great pictures, she's so adorable. I hope they can figure out what's going on. Try to have a good week :)

  6. I love the pic of your partner & daughter in the water. She looks like she's having so much fun with dad.
    We had a big storm blow into Sydney last night - today has been very autumnal (my favourite word!!) as a result.

    Because of the huge bio I'm reading, the brain book has taken a backseat, but the first Doidge book was a chapter at a time read...and I certainly couldn't manage it if I was too tired either.

    Good luck with it and the painful hands.

  7. Sorry that you haven't gotten answers yet! :( I love love love the photos of Mia ... she is such a doll!!!!!!!!!!

  8. As always, your photos are adorable! I'm sorry you didn't get better answers. :( Hard to have patience in a situation like that.

    I just got my first Fitbit this weekend, and I'm really excited! I signed up for the first FitReaders this weekend.

    Enjoy your reads this week! I'm interested your review of the Cynthia Hand book.

  9. First of all, the pictures of your grandbaby are so, so precious. Love the one with the towel on her head. She looks serious. ;-)

    So sorry about your hands. What a trial. Hoping that better answers can be found soon. And that sand sculpture is amazing!! Have a good week!

  10. It's so frustrating to have physical symptoms but no definitive answers. Hope that changes soon. Lovely photos and nice that you had lots of family and reading time.

  11. I haven't done this meme in a while. So, I didn't write what I finished, etc. Just wrote what I'm reading this week. I want to read The Girl On The Train So Badly.

  12. Gorgeous pictures at the beach...Mia is a star! I would love to go to the beach, but who knows when that will happen? I don't know why I don't just do it, though....LOL

    Enjoy your week, and I hate when doctors act as if they will sort everything, and not to worry.

    Hope they figure it out sooner rather than later.

    I enjoyed The Last Anniversary...and I really love the look of The Girls of Mischief Bay.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. Beautiful pictures of your granddaughter and I love the sand sculpture. I'm glad you got to enjoy some family time in a beautiful location. The beach sounds like heaven right now after the snow we just got here :)

    I hope that your doctor can figure out what is going on soon and that you get some relief for your hands. That is frustrating :(

    You have some interesting books on your list. I want to read the Cynthia Hand book and I am a fan of Liane Moriarty's books too.

  14. The sand sculpture is beautiful and brilliant, thanks for sharing it here.
    I really enjoyed one of Liane Moriarty's other novels, and have this one to read. Happy reading :)

  15. I have to admit I've only read one Katherine Howell and didn't enjoy it. It was perhaps the second in her series and I felt confused re the characters and just didn't really engage with them at all. I felt bad about it - given she's an Aussie author - and is she Qld based now?

    Love the granddaughter pics. Hope you get some answers re your hands soon. It sounds very frustrating.


  16. Looks like a good week, love the pics. Those are great! And that area does look beautiful, no doubt. Good luck with results, and hope it's good news.

  17. Looks like a good week, love the pics. Those are great! And that area does look beautiful, no doubt. Good luck with results, and hope it's good news.

  18. Liking that borrow box idea and selections - you'll enjoy those for sure!
    as you are with that sweetness of a grandbaby :)
    take care of yourself with that hand issue and hoping for a solid diagnosis soon!

  19. Seems you have had a great week with family. I hope you find Some answers to your health issues bEst friend has similar symptoms and was diagnosed with Reynauds
    Wishing you a great week,
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  20. That picture of daddy throwing Mia in the air makes me smile.
    I hope your your doctors get you figured out. Waiting for health answers is the worst. I deal with this stress every day with Gage and it's terrible. Good luck! Positive thoughts being sent your way.

  21. Love the photo of Mia in the air. Perfect shot!


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