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The Confessions of Catherine de Medici by C.W. Gortner - Review & Giveaway

Genre: Historical Fiction
Copyright: May 2010
Pages: 397
Book Source: Pump Up Your Book

Synopsis: The truth is, none of us are innocent. We all have sins to confess.

So reveals Catherine de Medici in this brilliantly imagined novel about one of history’s most powerful and controversial women. To some she was the ruthless queen who led France into an era of savage violence. To others she was the passionate savior of the French monarchy. Acclaimed author C. W. Gortner brings Catherine to life in her own voice, allowing us to enter into the intimate world of a woman whose determination to protect her family’s throne and realm plunged her into a lethal struggle for power.

The last legitimate descendant of the illustrious Medici line, Catherine suffers the expulsion of her family from her native Florence and narrowly escapes death at the hands of an enraged mob. While still a teenager, she is betrothed to Henri, son of François I of France, and sent from Italy to an unfamiliar realm where she is overshadowed and humiliated by her husband’s lifelong mistress. Ever resilient, Catherine strives to create a role for herself through her patronage of the famous clairvoyant Nostradamus and her own innate gift as a seer. But in her fortieth year, Catherine is widowed, left alone with six young children as regent of a kingdom torn apart by religious discord and the ambitions of a treacherous nobility.

Relying on her tenacity, wit, and uncanny gift for compromise, Catherine seizes power, intent on securing the throne for her sons. She allies herself with the enigmatic Protestant leader Coligny, with whom she shares an intimate secret, and implacably carves a path toward peace, unaware that her own dark fate looms before her—a fate that, if she is to save France, will demand the sacrifice of her ideals, her reputation, and the passion of her embattled heart.

From the fairy-tale châteaux of the Loire Valley to the battlefields of the wars of religion to the mob-filled streets of Paris, The Confessions of Catherine de Medici is the extraordinary untold journey of one of the most maligned and misunderstood women ever to be queen.

Well firstly, I have a little confession of my own to make; I've looked forward to The Confessions of Catherine de Medici with much anticipation and yes I admit a certain degree of trepidation. C.W. Gortner's debut novel, The Last Queen was one of my favourite reads last year and my favourite historical novel of the year so I confess to an element of fear regarding his new novel ... would it be just as captivating, would it surpass my expectations? (phew, the pressure!) Well I'm ecstatic to tell you that my fears were completely unfounded, I loved The Confessions of Catherine de Medici. It is C.W. Gortner doing what he does best, combining meticulous research & historical accuracy with eloquence, emotion & excitement, to bring us a humanised take on the legend of Catherine de Medici.

Even though I've read a bit about this time frame in history and know of the French Wars of Religion, before reading this novel I knew little about Catherine apart from her part in the St Bartholomew's Day massacre where thousands of Heugenots (Protestants or so-called heretics) were slaughtered.

Catherine is forced into marriage to forge an alliance between Italy & France, wed at age 14 to Henri, the second son of King Francois I of France. Spanning the years 1527 to 1589 we hear in Catherine's voice of her personal & political travails, successes and sorrows, her strange 'bedfellows', her attempts to cultivate tolerance and peace between Catholic & Heugenot, her sacrifices for the good of France and her quest to safeguard the throne for her sons.

Throughout history many have found it easier to believe the stories that vilify & condemn rather than challenge prejudices but this is a portrayal that shows a very human and believable side to Catherine, it doesn't randomly justify her actions but shines a light of understanding on many of her choices, right or wrong.

"It was the price of privilege, of our roles as royal women. Before comfort, before hopes and dreams, our countries must come first."

The Confessions of Catherine de Medici was almost impossible to put down, I found myself immersed in the rich tapestry of history, intrigue and emotion. When a novel takes you on a journey, a journey you want to prolong & savour, when you finish with a sigh because the journey is at an end, when you feel sated with knowledge but inspired to learn more, then I believe the author has done his job brilliantly.

Bravo Christopher, your novels have earned a place on my bookshelf with other favoured historical fiction writers; Dorothy Dunnett, Michelle Moran, Elizabeth Chadwick, Sharon Penman.

Christopher is currently working on The Princess Isabella, a historical novel about Isabella of Castile and The Tudor Secret, the first book in his new Tudor suspense series, The Elizabeth I Spymaster Chronicles to be published January 2011.

You can find out more about C.W. Gortner & his work by visiting his website and blog Historical Boys. While you're there be sure to check out the Q & A about this book.

Thank you to C.W. Gortner & Cheryl of Pump Up Your Book for my copy of The Confessions of Catherine de Medici and for allowing me to participate in the tour.

Click on the title to see my review of C.W. Gortner's first book The Last Queen.


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  5. I love reading historical fiction but I've to admit that I've never come across one with setting as this one. Pretty unique and it certainly picked my interest. I wonder though if this is the continuation from the first book by the author? Or it is a stand alone?

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  7. Thanks for hosting Christopher during his virtual book tour. I loved your review. Readers will find an excerpt on his website In addition, there is an excellent video interview of Christopher talking about Catherine de Medici for all history lovers.

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  13. Fantastic Sheree...really....your review has psyched me more than I already was about reading this book.

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    "It is C.W. Gortner doing what he does best, combining meticulous research & historical accuracy with eloquence, emotion & excitement, to bring us a humanised take on the legend of Catherine de Medici."

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  19. No need to enter me, already have and read it. I too loved this book. I haven't read The Last Queen - it's on my shelf and has moved up the list since reading Confessions. I just love the way he can really take someone downtrodden by history and show the more human side to them. Thanks for the review!

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  21. Shy ~ this is a stand-alone novel but historical figures are recognised from The Last Queen and other historical fiction novels I've read.

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  45. This book has been on my wishlist since i first heard about it. Catherine has intrigued me since reading Dumas' La Reine Margot.

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