Saturday, December 18, 2010

Night Star by Alyson Noel

Genre: YA Fantasy
Series: Immortals Book 5
Copyright: 2010
Pages: 302
Book Source: Own Audio

Best friends make the worst enemies—they know all your secrets, your weaknesses, and just how to hurt you most...

After fighting for centuries to be together, Ever and Damen's future hinges on one final showdown that will leave readers gasping for breath. Don't miss this explosive new installment of the number one bestselling series that's enchanted millions across the world!

I'm gutted, I seriously thought this was the last book in the series. Imagine my dismay when I came to the end of Night Star and realised that the series couldn't possibly end there. I guess I was aware of the existence of the 6th book somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain but maybe I blocked it or maybe it was wishful thinking on my part that the series was over and my OCD could finally be layed to rest.

This installment was actually ok, albeit, a little dull. I can't even whinge about how dumb and annoying Ever is; maybe I just enjoy moaning about Ever but in Night Star she finally makes use of her brain. I can't say the same of Haven ... obnoxious cow and if I ever hear the word "fugging" again I'll have to puke for sure!

So here we are again ... I'm still criticising but I am still reading so there's obviously something addictive about this series and I'll be hanging out for book 6 in 2011. I've come this far, surely Ever and Damen deserve their happy ending ... I know I do!

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  1. I can't believe that there are already 5 in this series...I just haven't gotten into them at all...I'll let you read them for me and tell me how they are!! LOL!

  2. so much books in a series is quite tiresome huh....haha. That's y I love trilogy...... but Harry Potter books and Narnia is quiet interesting. Enjoy the 6th book OK..haha!

  3. Oh book 5 already, then I am really behind. But sounds good

  4. I admire your perseverance. Hope the next one is better than okay!

  5. I would feel horrible, if this happened to me.

    I am not sure this series is for me though!

  6. I stopped at second books and I need other factor for me to continue to read the series again. =)

  7. Looking forward to reading this one!


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