Sunday, January 09, 2011

This Post Is Brought To You By The Letters B & D

I have been pondering my words for 2011, the words I'll use as my guideposts for a happy, healthy year. Initially I was going to go with the mantra: Keep Moving Forward, it's a good motto and it is what I intend to do in 2011 but it just didn't feel right. Further reflection led me to choose Breathe & Do

Just breathe, breathe and relax, breathe and ground yourself, breathe and remember, breathe and think. Breathing is something I forget to do when I'm stressed, and it's something I've found challenging in recent years when overwhelmed by pain, fear, or panic. Panic attacks aren't really something you talk about in every day conversation ... not really so cool! Especially when you're used to being the one in control, coping with tragedies, heartbreak, pain and suffering. Reaching saturation point (I guess I assumed I had a never-ending supply of coping ability) has been quite the learning curve for me and it's nice to feel like I have control back in my own hands. This is my gentle reminder to breathe in 2011.

Now this may seem like a simple one and I guess it is but it's more than just the physical "do" as opposed to "do nothing" or procrastination, which mind you I have a degree in. It's about doing things that make me happy, doing things to bring joy to those I love, doing things on my terms, doing things to make me whole again; when you're happy and whole you heal. Physical scars heal so much faster than emotional ones but in 2011 I'm in control of my own happiness.

It's also about "do" as opposed to "dont" something I've heard way too much of over the last few years. I'm good and kind and strong and capable and just a little bit wicked and I can DO whatever I set my mind to! I am blessed with a truly wonderful family, beautiful friends and the bestest friend in the world.

And yes do is also about doing instead of just talking or thinking about it. Note to self: and anyone else who's interested ... do is a work in progress, I've made huge leaps already but zumba is still under the just talk banner but in all fairness it is only January :)

So, do you make New New Resolutions, goals or choose words for the year ... please share :)

As rain continues to fall in Queensland I'd like to take the time to send a message of love and support to fellow Australians ravaged by flood waters. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and to the many who have lost homes, pets, livestock, businesses, crops, and livelihoods.

The loss of life; human, domestic and wildlife is heartbreaking and the cost to infrastructure, agriculture, exports (coal and sugar) immeasurable and the effects will be felt for years to come. With 60% of Queensland affected by floodwaters, many areas of New South Wales and Western Australia experiencing similar devastation, and many regions in Australia declared natural disaster areas the clean-up alone will cost billions. Not to mention the mud, the smell, the mosquitoes, snakes, crocodiles and whatever other nasties the flood waters bring out.

I pray that the sun comes out soon!

Kangaroos rescued in NSW

Rockhampton & Airport (AFP/Getty Images/Torsten Blackwood)

Emerald (Getty Images)

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  1. You wouldn't believe it, well actually you would but I just finished doing a post up about the floods that I scheduled for the morning.

    Right back at ya! It is going to be a great year, I can feel it in my bones.

    Love ya xoxo

  2. The floods are heartbreaking. I hope it stops raining soon we all can rebuild. My heart goes out too to those who are affected by the floods.

  3. Wow ~ I never tire of looking at the flood pics. It just blows my mind.

    Love the one of the kangaroos :)

    I think 2011 is going to be the best year ever. At least, I'm determined to make it so :)

    Love this post! Have an awesome week!


  4. Since I do not know where you live, I hope you are not near that, or that it comes there. Poor Australia :(

  5. I have been watching the news about the flooding, it's so sad. We had a similar situation in my country at November-December...many people lost their lives, including wildlife and livestock. It's so unfair.

  6. Having left floods in Australia, here in Sri Lanka the same situation. 4 dead today and I wouldnt know yet how many homeless due to floods.

  7. Your mantra is fantastic and one that I should adopt as my anxiety attacks seem to get the best of me!!

    I'm praying for all those affected by the flooding!! Pure devastation and makes one feel helpless!!

  8. One thing that amazes me about wildlife/animals is that they seem to know when they are being rescued. Those roo's normally wouldnt sit so placidly in a boat I am sure.

    Hopefully the rain eases. But here way up north we are enjoying our wet season.

  9. Great post! Malaysia was hit a little from tsunami a few years ago and it was such a sad moment even if we were only had a small impact of it.Hope flood will decrease soon over there!

  10. Breathe & Do .. what awesome words!! Isn't choosing words so powerful. I have been thinking of adding a second word "renew" because there are a few things I need to start fresh with this year as well as renewing my soul :)
    Lisa xx

  11. Your words "breathe" and "do" are fabulous words, and the meaning you have put behind them are fabulous. I think of you often, and wish you always the best. I am glad to read that you are going to take care of yourself in the way that you do indeed deserve Sheree. Breath and Do... I am certain I will go back to this post throughout the year, to remind myself of these awesome words/thoughts. Have you printed this out, or placed these words with the meaning somewhere beyond the computer screen? I hope so because having it in print goes along way to give a nudge and reminder throughout the rough days.

  12. Thnak you for posting about the floods. Sometimes our news coverage over here gets sidetracked by other things and it's easy to forget what's going in the rest of the world.
    Breathe and do are prefect goals for the new year. I might adopt them myself!

  13. I think your mantra is perfect and something to live by. I also want to go to Zumba but no one will go with me! I'll go by myself eventually.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Australia during this terrible time.


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