Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quantum Angel Healing by Eva-Maria Mora Giveaway

German-born author Eva-Maria Mora is a clairvoyant medical intuitive and spiritual teacher. Founder of the Quantum-Angel-Healing® method, her new book, Quantum Angel Healing: energy Therapy and Communication with Angels (Synergy Books, February 2011), reveals how to restore health and balance to your life and the lives of others through connecting and communicating with angels.

Before she began her spiritual journey, Mora attained her MBA and Master of American Studies from the University of Kassel in Germany. She worked on international assignments as a top-management consultant for the largest European consulting group, where she interviewed and trained thousands of executives in leading Fortune 500 companies.

Mora’s life would forever change, however, when doctors delivered a shocking diagnosis to her six months after the birth of her son: she only had a few weeks to live. As she prayed for guidance and support, Mora experienced a spiritual reawakening when she was visited by an angel. She began to communicate with angels regularly and gained a new perspective on why people get sick, how they can heal themselves and how they can find their life’s true purpose.

Inspired from her near-death experience and dedicated to healing, Mora earned her license as a healing practitioner in psychotherapy and left her life in Germany for the United States in 2000. She became one of the first Quantum Touch instructors in the U.S. before integrating what she had discovered about the spiritual realm and developing her own Quantum Angel Healing technique.

In Quantum Angel Healing, Mora provides tools for working with the unseen world to accelerate healing and life transformation. In addition to spiritual exercises and an explanation of the healing process, the book also provides a 70-page list of illnesses and symptoms along with the corresponding Quantum Angel Healing treatment.

Mora currently divides her time between Germany and Scottsdale, Ariz. She is the founder of Children of the Light, a charity organization in Germany supporting children with ADHD. She is also the author of Quantum Angel Love (2007), Quantum Angel Children (2008) and Activating Divine Power (2009). Mora lectures and hosts workshops based on Quantum Angel Healing worldwide with her husband, Michael.

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I have 2 copies of Quantum Angel Healing up for grabs and yes it's International!

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  1. I won't enter as I just won this book over at Alaine's blog. So I am very excited about it. It sounds just fantastic.

  2. I would like to be counted in for this giveaway. I follow you on GFC


  3. I just drew mine. What a coincedence!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway and for making it international.
    Yes I believe in Angels. I want to believe that we all have an angel to protect us.

    I am a follower as Diana

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  5. Yes I have always believed in Angels. I love the thought that there is a higher spirit somewhere :)

  6. Of course angels are real, they're the pure-spirit creation of the Lord, but this sounds more than a bit incorrect in its protrayal of the interaction between angels and man. I hope whoever reads this isn't carried away on some false flight of fancy about the true nature of angels. St. Michael the Ark Angel battled the devil and, by the power of God, cast him into hell; these aren't cutesy little bare-bottomed cherubs we're talking about. They're powerful agents of God, carrying out His divine will alone.

  7. Oh yes, I love to believe in angels although I am not sure they are as depicted in some of the novels these days - but wouldn't it be great . . .

    I am a follower
    baychriz at gmail dot com

  8. Oh yes, I do believe in angels.Not the legendary angel but a character that act like.

    Follower. :)

  9. Of course there are angels!

  10. I believe in angels, but have never met one!

    GFC follower

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  11. yes I kinda believed in angels I mean I believed in God why I don't believe in angels?;))It's just good to believe on them even though your not really seeing them;))

    maryanngacayan at yahoo dot com
    I'm a follower

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