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FEET by Mitch Fairchild - Review & Giveaway

Title: FEET and Other Silly Poems
Author: Mitch Fairchild
Genre: Children's Poetry
Publication Date: Sept 2011
Book Source: From author for review

Synopsis: Mitch Fairchild's wit and sense of humor shine through as he creates clever and funny poetic stories that will bring a smile to the face of children and parents alike. Mitch masterfully uses paper and pen, much like an artist uses a canvas and paint brush, to whisk the reader away through various silly scenes that will leave them wanting for more. “Feet” is the first in a series of five children's poem books written by Fairchild.

Mitch Fairchild does a great job of bringing humour to poetry, making FEET a delightfully entertaining read to share; whether that be between parent or grandparent and child, siblings or students reading aloud in class. Children usually find bodily functions highly amusing and Barney's Little Present had universal appeal.

Nonsensical poems, and bold, colourful, simplistic drawings are sure to appeal to the young and the young at heart. This is one poetry book that is definitely funnier read out loud. 

My eight year old niece enjoyed Feet: her favourite poems were Amanda the Panda because pandas are her favourite animal, Barney's Little Present and Little Timmy because both these made her laugh. She continued to recite her favourites the next day and giggles ensued. She did wonder why the drawings weren't coloured in properly :))

The Year 5 students of Cooroy State School also gave Feet and Other Silly Poems a tick of approval. Overall students found the poems funny and they especially enjoyed the rhyming ones. Their favourites were once again Barney's Little Present, The Trampoline and Little Timmy.

quotes from students about the poems: 

"they can be quite funny and quite clever" 

"sometimes they make you laugh for no reason"

"the drawings were creative and matched the poems"

However some students were expecting to see some emotion or expression on the faces of people in the illustrations.

"I couldn't tell if they were happy, angry or sad"

The year 5 teacher found this a worthwhile resource for her poetry unit and the students found reading out loud a lot of fun.

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Mitch's follow up book Buzzz, Buzzz is also available @ Amazon and B&N.

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  1. My Daughter loves reading, writing and enjoys poetry. Recently she's published her own first book (including Artwork) at 10yo.

    I could only imagine her reciting poetry to us with the giggles and expressions she delivers.


  2. Sounds adorable but I wont enter the competition. Silly poems are great for kids it always strikes a cord with them. I vividly remember those books from the 80s with silly poems and silly titles like far out Brussel sprout. I guess that is why things like Warner Bros cartoons are always popular.

  3. Sounds cute!! I don't have any young ones at home but I'm sure that if I did they would enjoy it.

  4. This sounds like something my kids would love.


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