Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

A weekly event hosted by Sheila from Book Journey to discuss your reading week ~ the books you've read and those you plan on reading in the coming week. I love this meme ... thanks Sheila!

Scrapbook camp with old friends and new was an absolute hoot ... lots of laughs made up for the severe lack of creative mojo :)

Callum's Year 12 Formal (2010) 
it's only taken me 2 years to scrap it lol but I was really happy with this one

 Mike and I Dec 2012

Christmas 2011 
Sue Tonga class done at Nov camp & I finally got around to adding photos :)
Sue is a sweetie and a super talented scrapbooker and photographer 

Dad's 70th birthday weekend
design scraplifted from scrap friend Lisa Webb

Tonight I'm excited to be seeing an advanced screening of Beautiful Creatures. I loved the book so I'll let you know the verdict ... anyone else seen it yet? 

Not too much has changed on the reading front, last week I did read my favourite book of the year so far Paper Chains by Nicola Moriarty and I had a better week reviewing. 



ELUSIVE DAWN by Gabriele Wills (The Muskoka Novels #2)  ~  International. Ends 20th Feb . Last Days - Enter here


I posted reviews for: (click on title)

PULLING DOWN THE STARS by James Laidler ~ great Australian author, his writing is addictive!

GARDEN OF STONES by Sophie Littlefield ~ poignant historical fiction

SHOT OF SULTRY by Masie Beckett ~ guest review by Karen


Finished last week:

PAPER CHAINS by Nicola Moriarty ~ 5 star favourite!!


This Week's Reading List:

HYSTERIA by Megan Miranda ~ page 55, enjoying it so far

THE WATER WITCH by Juliet Dark (Fairwick Chronicles #2) 

SOMEBODY TO LOVE by Kristan Higgins


Reviews Coming:

MISTRESS TO THE CROWN by Isolde Martyn ~ review Tue

MY ONE AND ONLY  by Kristan Higgins 

THE SWEETEST DARK by Shana Abe ~ loved it (March 2013)


  1. I just wanted to come by and say hi!

  2. I do love your scrapping :) I am so not a craft person

  3. Scrapping is something I would love to do. Never got round to it. These are so nice.

  4. You seem to be so creative!
    I hope you enjoy Beautiful Creatures. I haven't read the book... Not sure if I want to, but the film does look good!
    I hope you enjoy your reads this week :-)

  5. I look forward to your review of Paper Chains. Enjoy your week!

  6. Callum looks so handsome! Enjoy your week :)

  7. I love love love love love your pages!! You were busy!!!! They are gorgeous!!

  8. I always love seeing your pages! So nice :) Have a fantastic week!

  9. I love when you post your scrapbook pages - you are so creative! I feel it always takes me forever to plan a page spread. I just ordered a ton of pictures from the past year and now have to find some time to scrap them!

    I love Kristan Higgans and have her newest book, The Best Man, sitting on my shelf waiting to be read for a tour next month.

    Have a great week!
    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

  10. I am planning to watch Beautiful Creatures but probably when it is on DVD. I did like the book and I look forward to hearing what you thought of the movie.

    Glad you had a good time at your scrapbooking retreat!

  11. Gorgeous scrapbooking samples! Thanks for sharing...and have a great week. I still haven't read anything by Kristan Higgins, but I've been eying her books for awhile.


  12. I just read The Water Witch - it wasn't bad.

    I also saw Beautiful Creatures - I loved it!

    Your scrapbook pages are lovely!

  13. I haven't managed to touch my scrapbooks in eons. :-(

    I'm reading Elusive Dawn right now and finding it just as lovely as The Summer Before the Storm.

  14. I was going to go see Beautiful Creatures but time got away from me this weekend, but I'm definitely going next weekend!! :D

    Gorgeous scrapbooking pages!! GORGEOUS! Have a lovely reading week! What Are You Reading This Week @ The Brunette Librarian

  15. I have to share your pictures with my daughter. She has just started scrapbooking.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  16. Your layouts are gorgeous. Have a great week of reading.

  17. I love scrapbooking but I don't have the money to keep up with it like I would like to, unfortunately. It can be such an expensive hobby!

    The Water Witch looks good!

    I will look for your Mistress to the Crown review. I lost interest in it toward the middle, sadly.

  18. Sounds like Beautiful Creatures is the book and movie of the moment. I must check it out! :)

  19. LOVE you IMWAYR Owl button very cute - did you make it yourself?
    I really want to see Beautiful Creatures but one of those things where I feel I should read the book first!

  20. Nice scrapping as always! Looks like you are staying busy. Happy Reading and scrapping!

  21. Beautiful scrap pages Teddy! Callum is all grown up now sniff-sniff! you must be so proud.

  22. I think you're an amazing scrapbooker and I love looking at your beautiful pages!!!!!!! Looking forward to what you thought about Beautiful Creatures!

  23. I really enjoyed Beautiful Creatures (the movie), I thought it was great! Love the scrap booking... so cute!


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