Thursday, April 18, 2013

Web Of Deceit by Katherine Howell ~ Review + International Giveaway

Genre: Suspense/Thriller
Series: Ella Marconi #6
Publication Date: 1st February 2013
Pages: 368
Book Source: Own Purchase

Synopsis: When paramedics Jane and Alex encounter a man refusing to get out of his crashed car with bystanders saying he deliberately drove into a pole, it looks like a desperate cry for help. His frantic claim that someone is out to get him adds to their thinking that he is delusional. Later that day he is found dead under a train in what might be a suicide, but Jane is no longer so sure...Detective Ella Marconi shares Jane's doubts, which are only compounded when the case becomes increasingly tangled. Then, just when she thinks she's closing in on the right person, a shocking turn of events puts more people in danger and might just see the killer slip through her hands.

My Thoughts:
Best yet ... no lie! I'm a huge fan of this series but for me Web Of Deceit was the consummate blend of paramedic voyeurism and investigative punch. Smart, tight and pacey made for seriously compelling reading.

Obviously Detective Ella Marconi is the constant but with each book we're introduced to new paramedics, in Web of Deceit it's Jane and Alex. Each book I reiterate that the Ella Marconi novels work fabulously well as stand alone's, but I love the continuity that the series brings to Ella's personal story. 

Katherine's trademark instinctive writing guarantees an intimate view of the paramedic's world and I've got it on the best authority that she "nails it" with the investigative process. My partner's dad is a retired detective and lover of crime fiction. I've been beating him round the head with Katherine's books for quite some time - being a bit of cynic it's taken him a while to succumb to my 'gentle' persuasion but he's begrudgingly admitted they're "pretty damn good." 

Something else I love about Katherine's work; the plot doesn't come at the expense of character development. Gritty realism, wicked pace and a gnarly plot work hand in hand with the characters' personal struggles and relationship issues. Toss in an asshat boss and bureaucratic BS and funnily enough it's just like real life. 

Recommend: mad if you don't :) 

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And because Katherine is an absolute gem I have an awesome international giveaway for readers of my blog. 

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  1. Wow!! This sounds fabulous!!! Adding to my list!!

  2. I have her books on my Amazon Wishlist!! Funny enough it does sound like real life!! I will read one of her books for sure!!

  3. This sounds like a fascinating thriller. Interesting the paramedics are involved. Would love to read it.


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  6. wow, that is one interesting I am all intrigued about the guy who refused to get out of the car :D



  7. Web Of Deceit by Katherine Howell ~ Review + International Giveaway

  8. I just added this book. It sounds perfect.


  9. Sounds good.
    I liked KH on Facebook.

  10. I need to check out this series....but don't enter me in the giveaway, but thanks anyway. Audio is not for me. Good review, though. I am going to check this out in print form.

  11. I'm all about the audio when I can get it, so sign me up.
    Frantic has been on my reading list for a while (probably because of you!)

  12. I would love a new audio book, and this sounds great. I'm in the mood for an exciting novel. Thanks for the giveaway.


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