Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

Genre: YA Fantasy
Series: The Twilight Saga #4
My Rating: 5 stars
Read: November 2008

*Warning - Spoiler alert*
I got the 'happy ever after' I was wishing for and I wasn't the least bit disappointed. Predicting (or hoping for) much of what happened before I started the book did not in anyway lessen the riveting read.

I didn't find it disappointing or contrived or fluffy, the tearing pace & excitement made it easy to overlook the odd spelling error and cheesy cliché.

Breaking Dawn was my favourite of the series, obviously it wouldn't be my favourite without the others in the series, (they were essential building blocks to create suspense and enhance the storyline) but for me, Breaking Dawn had everything I could have wished for and more!

Bella joins the Cullens in immortality and comes into her own as a vampire with the ultimate gift - the ability to shield and protect her loved ones. Reading about vampire 'gifts'; those from visiting covens and the vampires of the Volturi was fascinating. Bella's pregnancy was the curve ball that I didn't see, the impossible physiology of this really didn't bother me, after all we are reading a paranormal love story. I loved the whole graphic, indepth view of Bella's pregnancy and the vampire C-section birth of Renesmee human/immortal/hybrid. Jacob imprinting with Nessie made sense to me, in a bizarre way and explained Jacob & Bella's odd dependence & infatuation with each other.

I loved the themes of 'vegetarian' vampires becoming more family less coven orientated, enemies becoming allies & friends and I would have been severely peeved if the happy ending had not eventuated. I think after the saga & angst of 2500 pages the Cullen family deserved their HAPPY EVER AFTER and so did I.

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