Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer

Genre: YA Fantasy
Series: The Twilight Saga #3
My Rating: 5 stars
Read: November 2008

Without doubt, another page turner!

After reading a lot of reviews it appears that readers either love or hate Eclipse. I thought Stephanie Meyer amped up the passion and the action in this book.

I loved reading more about the Cullen 'family' dynamics, the stories of how Rosalie and Jasper became vampires and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey into werewolf folklore.

I bought the whole love triangle scenario; Bella torn between her love for Edward and her friendship and love for Jacob and her fleeting vision of a more 'normal' life with Jake.

Yes, Bella is at times selfish, hurtful and irritating, but what teenager isn't? Yes, the romantic angst is prolonged but even in my 'mature' years I remember my late teens revolving around this, albeit without the vamp/wolf bonus.

Who of us have never had the choice of two paths and been riddled with indecision or wanted both at the same time. I have loved the series to this point and I now have a date with 'Breaking Dawn', please let it have the ending I am wishing for.


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