Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris

Southern Vampire Series Book 4
Copyright: 2004
Pages: 291
What's better than a gorgeous, sexy, Viking vampire?? A gorgeous, sexy Viking vampire with amnesia. Fans of Team Eric; you are going to love this one! In Dead to the World, Sookie sinks deeper into the world of 'Supes' & the supernatural community becomes more layered with the introduction of witches, were-panthers and fairies. Were's, vamps & Sookie come together to battle a coven of evil witches in this page-turning installment. The vampires' lucrative enterprises are under threat & were's from Alcide's pack are being murdered. Egotistical vampire Eric is cursed by one of the 'uber' evil witches and loses his memory, ending up in Sookie's care & Sookie's brother Jason is missing. These storylines play out seamlessly even though completely unrelated. The 'dynamics' between Sookie & Eric are hot to say the least and I must say I enjoyed seeing Eric a little bit vulnerable and a little bit 'nice'. Alcide Herveaux, is again featured & Sookie's relationship with the werewolf is explained with this thought - “We’d dumped a body together, and that cre­ates a bond.” So without spoiling this one for those of you not up to speed with the Sookie Stackhouse series, let me just say some poetic justice is dealt & Sookie proves she can take care of herself; wielding a mean shotgun. The inconsistencies are again obvious although not blatant (Jason's truck detailing, Sookie's thermometer) but rather than getting annoyed I found myself carried away on another wave of highly addictive Sookie hype. Charlaine Harris states on her blog - "most of these inconsistencies were simply mistakes on my part as the mythology and cast of characters got beyond my control. I’ve hired a continuity editor to help the publisher catch those errors." Another fast, entertaining read, with a touch of black humour, a goodly amount of gore, lashings of paranormal, more than a hint of suspense & a nice big juicy helping of sex ... bring on Dead as a Doornail!


  1. This is my favorite Sookie novel by far. Go Eric! Anyway, I noticed the picture of the actor who plays Eric on True Blood. Have you seen the show? What do you think?

  2. ...still haven't read a single book, bad me, but I am afraid I got turned off by the show

  3. Hmmm... I better get to this Sookie's books fast!

  4. fast and entertaining is certainly a way to describe how a Sookie book reads. I really have enjoyed Sookie. You know though, I am not at all interested (anymore) in watching the HBO TrueBlood show. Thinking that it will ruin the books. not know.

  5. Jess ~ *sigh* confession, I'm addicted to the show as well.

    ibeeg ~ I've only seen the 1st season of True Blood, we wont get season 2 til later in the year. I found it quite different from the books; gorier & raunchier, certainly not one you can have on when the kids are around!!

    Blodeuedd ~ I know quite a few people who've found that, but I must admit I enjoy both

  6. Hey Teddyree:

    Great Review... :) I've got my first Sookie book here in the stacks and am looking forward to the read.

    I never watched the show but many seemed to have enjoyed it!


  7. I loved this one the best too and I've read eight of them this was still my Fav!!! I rooting for Eric!!

    The show is a lot more raunchy then the books they are ALOT more toned down


  8. I really need to get on Sookie bandwagon! I have no idea what's keeping me from reading this series. Anyway, I am definitely liking Mr. Eric (as my sister would say and it's not for children's ears: "Doable, definitely doable"). Don't hold me to it, I'll deny everything lol!

  9. I don't know how I feel about Bill disappearing as the main lead! I'm in the middle of Book 3, and I can see where this is heading. I hope Harris convinces me that it's okay to let go of Bill to such a degree...and you're review gives me some hope that I'll be okay.

  10. Hello, Alexander Skarsgård.

    Thank you for playing Eric. Thank you for wearing leather pants.

    Have I told you lately that I love you? Yes, since the days of "Generation Kill"...

  11. Lilly ~ yep I'm with you there, definitely 'doable' LOL

    mjmbecky ~ you'll be ok, good things are coming!

    Kate ~ LMAO ditto to everything you said!!


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