Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Official New Moon Trailer

We are so excited, my 15 year old son & I are doing the happy dance & squealing (ok I'm squealing, he's doing the happy dance) over the New Moon movie trailer, it's awesome! Even though he doesn't read (well he can, he just doesn't) at least I'll have company for the New Moon movie. He loved Twilight so we will both be hanging out for the release of New Moon in Australia ... come on Nov 2009

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New Moon


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  1. I really liked reading the Twilight books...really I did. I did not see the movie...I do not like the actor who portrays Edward...just did not fit my Edward image plus with all the bad reviews...well...just could not watch it. BTW: the actor who plays Jacob...well he is what I imagine...hmmmm...maybe I will be a Jacob fan now...ummm...not.
    This New Moon trailer has me intrigued. I so hope it is reviewed better...I then will go to the theater.

  2. OMG OMG..

    This looks so much, so much better than the first one - all that angst...

    Can't wait..... I am so Team Edward...


  3. Whee... exciting I know!!
    E.H I could be convinced to go Team Jacob - you gotta admit, that's pretty hot LOL

  4. Teddy - really sorry I missed my prize - I haven't been around much last few days - what do I need to do?

  5. Hi, I am new here, but wanted to say how interesting these books sound.

    Thanks for sharing the trailer, as it has piqued my interest!

    Hope to catch you here again, soon, now that I have found you.


  6. Teddyree, I've never read any books by Gerritsen, but I think maybe I should with your reccomendation! Thanks!

    The trailer looks good!

  7. Hello!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. That's very kind of you.

    Today is WHAT'S ON YOUR DESK WEDNESDAY? on my blog. And you've been tagged.

    Although, I got confused and tagged your other blog, I meant this one! LOL Ooops!

    I hope you can join in with the fun. This is my first blog meme I am hosting. Although I have done a similar thing before, it wasn't weekly like this one.

    Sassy's What's on your desk Wednesday?

  8. I first saw this a couple days ago on Literary Escapism's blog and I totally almost cried in the middle when Edward leaves Bella. And then I totally screamed and covered my mouth when Jacob turned into the werewolf. I am so in love with the trailer and I can't wait for the movie =)

  9. I loved this trailer. I'm so glad they have a bigger budget this time around...so hopefully more people will have less to complain about though I DID love Twilight and i'm just stoked for more.



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