Friday, August 13, 2010

Shadowland by Alyson Noel

Genre: YA Fantasy
Series: The Immortals Book 3
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 339
Book Source: Own Purchase

At the start of this breathtaking novel, Damen and Ever travel to Summerland in search of an antidote to reverse a powerful poison. But instead of the cure they seek, they find something far more sinister: the truth about their existence and the fate lying in wait of an immortal’s soul.

Now, with Damen fighting to save them from the Shadowland, Ever turns to magick, hoping to break Damen’s curse. Along the way Ever encounters the mysterious Jude, finding herself drawn to him in a way that will test her love for Damen like never before.

I'm reviewing Shadowland after reading the 4th book, Dark Flame, which is probably just as well because otherwise my review would probably have consisted of:

Ever is dumber than a rock ... don't bother!

After finishing Shadowland, I immediately picked up Dark Flame, which has to say something about the series other than I have a severe case of OCD and seem incapable of giving up on a series.

If you enjoyed Evermore and Blue Moon (which I did) then think of this novel as a bridge ... a bridge to something better and you do get a bit more immortal backstory. If you didn't enjoy the first two in the series then don't torture yourself further, unless of course you also have OCD. 

Shadowland as the name suggests reveals a dark, tortured place in contrast to the beautiful descriptions of Summerland. Overall this novel has a bleaker tone than its predecessors, Damen turns over a new leaf and becomes a saintlier (and slightly nauseating) version of his former self, Ever turns increasingly to magick to rectify her past mistakes (you can imagine how that works out) and we're introduced to the intriguing Jude. But in all other aspects Shadowland is more of a continuance; Ever and Damen fighting for a HEA against seemingly insurmountable odds, and I keep reading because I can't stand not knowing if they get one.

Visit Alyson Noel's website or blog to find out more.

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  1. Lol, now that would have been one awesome short review :)

  2. Actually I'm pretty sure my review of Shadowland consists of just that because she is dumber than a rock in that book. But I'm glad she starts to redeem herself in Dark Flame.

  3. Well...I commend you with staying with it. I frankly couldn't get past Evermore.

  4. I hate it when this happens and unfortunately it seems to happen frequently in YA. I look forward to reading your review of Dark Flame.

  5. I forgot to mention, 'dumber than a rock'? That made me laugh out loud!

  6. Hi Teddyree!

    Just tell me Dark Flame is better, because I got halfway through Shadowland and put it away. If Dark Flame is better, I'll finish it. Ever really had me scratching my head, I really like Evermore and Blue Moon, please tell me there's a point to the madness....

    Dottie :)

  7. B ~ believe me, if I hadn't read Dark Flame I would have been tempted LOL

    Andrea ~ I checked out your review and laughed my butt off, I'll have to think of a new analogy for Dark Flame; Ever is as "dumb as dirt" ??

  8. Alaine ~ you have to finish the series just so I have someone to whinge with :-)

  9. Dottie ~ Dark Flame is soooo much better (ok, it's a little better) I have to make it sound good, I can't be the only be the only one in this madness hahaha.

    Review of Dark Flame should be up this week :)

  10. I don't know but I kind of stop reading the series because i'm really disappointed wit blue moon. maybe i should try again.and I think that is quite true if Ever is actually is a dumb as dirt.


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