Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger Blooper.

Due to a Blogger meltdown my last post "Interview and Giveaway with Aris Whittier" (author of Across Eternity) that was posted on 12th May has disappeared :(

In the interest of resolving a bucketload of issues the team at Blogger rolled back to an earlier version; hence the disappearing trick.

Now the blogger team are asking us to be patient, they are trying to restore all deleted posts and comments but in the event that this doesn't happen, I'll repost the post and hopefully all the lovely people who commented will re-comment!

If you'd like to read Blogger's explanation check out


  1. Sheree, my post from May 12th has been restored, and with the comment. whew.

    Have you thought about switching over to wordpress? I have, in the past, and I am now seriously considering it again. But I worry about the transition for which is why I have not made the switch.

  2. Deanna mine hasn't and all the comments made on May 12th for a book review Die For Me are also gone :(

    Glad you're post and comments are back lol

    Have sent blogger another email to see if mine will be restored but who knows, I've been emailing them for weeks with problems and haven't got a response.

    I didnt want to switch to wordpress for same reason as you ... worried about the transition and in the 3 years I've been blogging this is the first time I've really had a problem. See what happens I guess.

  3. A friend of mine switched to Wordpress but found it to difficult and fiddly. It must be all of us book bloggers mucking up the works :) Hope things get fixed soon. Hang in there.

  4. Good luck! They said they were restoring those, but all they managed to restore on my Wednesday post was an unpublished "edit" version of my post that was nothing but a title. Talk about a frustrating moment. It was even more frustrating because it was a book that I had really struggled to review. Thankfully I found a copy of it out on my RSS feeds, since I subscribe to myself just so I can keep an eye on what I'm publishing. Still, it was pretty frustrating. I hope you get your post figured out!

  5. They have obviously fixed the core issue, but now still some significant work in recovering all the lost data. Although they are giving some regular updates, there is still no clear indication on what bloggers should be doing if they are still missing blogs or comments. I realise this is a free service, however, a little more information and clarification to posts on forums or tickets submitted wouldn't go astray.
    It concerns me that so many people on sites like blogger put in so much time and effort to their postings, again yes it’s a free service, but still the users are the ones that make this such a great site.

    Great work to you Teddyree, your site and content is fantastic and so inspiring to those of us that don’t read as much as we should or could.

    Hope all your content is recovered again soon!!

  6. What a bummer.... hope it turns up again. I started on wordpress and really like it. Carrie from the Books and Movies blog put up a post where her hubby was offering to help people get to wordpress. I ca link you to that post if you like...

  7. That is just awful, so glad that I'm not blogging at the moment. Way to frustrating to deal with!

  8. PS: Love the photo, had a real giggle over that!


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