Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

A weekly event hosted by Sheila from Book Journey to discuss your reading week ~ the books you've read and those you plan on reading in the coming week. Thanks Sheila :)

Another fabulous week. Had a ball at the Daisy Chain Scrapbook retreat, it's always such fun spending time with this wonderful bunch of friends. 

As I didn't really read much (OK ... anything) I thought I'd share a few of the layouts I did on retreat. I've got 2 book tours due by the end of the week so this week I'll be concentrating on reading, blogging and visiting bloggy friends. 

Thanks so much to everyone who checked out GiGi's first review on my blog, she was really happy to read everyone's comments.

Friday night class with the amazing Toni Crane

Camping at The Gorge ~ I'm so happy with how this turned out :)

 The mad photo shoot from my birthday this year and a scraplift from Alaine



BY THE KING'S DESIGN by Christine Trent ~ review & international giveaway ~ enter here.


I posted reviews for: (click on title)

THE MEERKAT WARS by H. S. Toshack ~ review by Gisele


Finished last week:

OOPS not a thing :)


This Week's Reading List:

THE LEGACY OF EDEN by Nelle Davy ~ blog tour

LOVESICK by Spencer Seidel ~ blog tour

THE WAY WE FALL by Megan Crewe ~ page 60

THE UNDERSIDE OF JOY by Sere Prince Halverson


Reviews Still To Do:

OUTSIDE THE LINES by Amy Hatvany ~ review scheduled this week


  1. On a non booking note, I like the scrapbooking so much. I have wanted to do this for so long and haven't any idea where to start!
    Hope you have a good reading week.

  2. I always love your scrapbooking updates - they make me wish I had kept up with it. Enjoy your books this week!

  3. Beautiful pics!!! As you know, I almost read nothing as well. :)

    The Legacy Of Eden looks wonderful!

  4. Love love love your pages!!! Just GORGEOUS!

  5. I always enjoy your scrapbook pics too! Your pending reads look interesting and you have some really beautiful covers on the side bar! I'll be watching for some of these on review.
    Thanks for letting GiGi share - she did an awesome job.
    Happy reading to you both. :-)

  6. This weekend we went on a mini-vacation. Since I was outside enjoying nature, I didn't get much reading done. Please stop by to see what I'm reading now.

  7. Your scrapbook pages are so cute! I've always wanted to get into that but I just never find the time. It's fun to see what things other readers do...well you know, besides read!

    I hope you're loving The Way We Fall, that was one of my favorites last month.

    Happy reading!

  8. Sound slike you're having a good week. :)
    My Monday Memes post

  9. Gorgeous layouts! Some great reading coming up by the looks of things :)

  10. The way we fall seems great! I can't wait to read it! enjoy your books!

    Check out
    what I am reading this monday!

  11. I love the cover for Lovesick! It's definitely an eye catching cover! Enjoy your books this week! :)

  12. Gorgeous scrapbooking spread...I envy those who can create these amazing works.

    I hope you enjoy all of your reads this week...The Way We Fall has grabbed my attention.


  13. My daughter-in-law loves to scrapbook and she has a cool cutter. Right now she is making invitations to her own baby shower, lol. Buying them was out of the question :)

    Have a great week.

  14. Your pages are always beautiful...I love them big time!! I think we're in for some review treats this week!

  15. Awesome scrapbook pages! Hope you have a great reading week!

  16. Ooh! Those sound good. I've definitely had my eye on The Underside of Joy and The Way We Fall. Hope you enjoy them!

  17. I absolutely have weeks where I don't manage to finish anything either. Sometimes it just happens! Time gets away from me :)

  18. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a great week :-)

  19. Gorgeous layouts!
    I hope you enjoy The Underside of Joy!

    Have a great reading week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out


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