Friday, February 17, 2012

The Meerkat Wars by H.S. Toshack

Genre: Children's/YA Fiction
Publication Date: 1st January 2011
Pages: 241
Book Source: The Cadence Group

Synopsis: Sheena is a clever and cheeky little black-and-white cat who secretly stows away (again) in the Allen Family’s Land Rover when they set off on safari to Baragandiri National Park.

Her adventures begin when she helps to rescue Pebble, a young meerkat who has been stung by a scorpion. She befriends Pebble’s tribe, the Duwara, then finds they are fighting a vicious war with the Utongo, who hold the territory on the other side of The Gorge – a deep and terrifying valley cutting this part of Baragandiri in two.

Each tribe believes it lives under The One True Sun, the sun they see on their own side of The Gorge. Sheena decides that the only way to help them is to prove that there is only one sun, and that both tribes share a common belief and a common future. To do that she must persuade the tribes’ leaders, Tuft and Slash, to come with her on a dangerous journey around the end of The Gorge.

This review is brought to you by 10 year old Gisele, my first guest reviewer. Gisele devours books, loves her kindle, she reads just about anything but her favourite genre is fantasy especially if it features dragons. Please make GiGi, as she is affectionately known feel welcome :)

GiGi's Thoughts:
As I picked up this book I thought it would be a strange and messed up story, something like what I would write! But I slowly got caught up in the world of the meerkats; overall it was a fun book to read and the illustrations were really good.

At the start of each chapter there was a little verse suggesting something about the chapter which was really cool. Some parts lagged a bit for me with long descriptions and flashbacks  and when the story got back on track I had completely forgotten what was happening. This also made some of the suspense vanish and I think a glossary would have helped me with some of the words.

However, I loved the creativity of the story. The author has done a great job creating a beautiful landscape to picture. It's an adventure set in Africa and all the problems for the meerkats are carefully explained so it doesn't seem like the author is just trying to kill off characters by writing all of these problems. 

The Meerkat Wars is one of the most interesting books I've read. Sometimes when I pick up a book and look at the cover I think 'seriously? A meerkat book with a cat?! After reading the book and having the author tell the story so well, it seems like the most 'normal' book  you could read. 

I loved the characters and their different personalities, Sheena, the clever little black and white cat, and the meerkats Pebble, Sandstepper, Tuft, Moon, and Shuffle. I loved how all the animals introduced added something to the story.   

I enjoyed this book very much even though it had some rough patches. I wanted to find out what happened even though at one point i was so tired I fell asleep while reading! The Meerkat Wars is one of those interesting, fun books that everyone should read, even if you hate to read (which I think is crazy!)

If I was asked to read any sequels to this book I would jump at the chance. All I can say is GREAT job! :)

Thanks for your review GiGi ... The Meerkat Wars sounds like a great adventure for Sheena and the meerkats and a fun read. 

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  1. I bet I would have liked this book as a young girl. I loved visiting the meerkats at the zoo. Great job with the review GiGi!

    1. I can't comment today :/ The reply button is the only one showing up. Might be the uni comp

      Anway, cool sounding book

    2. you just never know with blogger Blodeuedd but thanks for commenting :)

    3. Christina, I love the show on TV ... Meerkat Manor, meerkats have great personalities!

  2. Sounds like a great book!! Thanks for the awesome review GiGi!!!

  3. GiGi! Your review as wonderful and I can't believe you're 10..what a writer already!!! More reviews from you please!

  4. I read another glowing review of this one earlier, but can't remember when. Gigi, great review and I'm slowly getting talked into this one.

  5. GiGi you did a fabulous job with your review. You hit all the points that were important and also make me want to check this out. I agree the cover and story sounds odd at first, but glad it was one of faves. Nice to meet you as well :)

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments on Gisele's review, it's hard to believe she's 10 but I'm glad GiGi has managed to convince a few of you to give this book a try.
    My 8 year old niece has also made a start on it and is enjoying it :)

  7. Good job on this review! I have a book called Meerkat Mail which I thought might be connected but it is not. I buy books for my soon to be 8 year old grandson. Maybe I'll get him to write a review someday.
    Keep up the good reading and reviewing, GiGi!


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