Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Until I Die by Amy Plum

Genre: YA Fantasy
Series: Die For Me #2
Publication Date: 8th May 2012
Pages: 341
Book Source: Own purchase

Synopsis: Kate and Vincent have overcome the odds and at last they are together in Paris, the city of lights and love.

As their romance deepens there’s one question they can’t ignore: How are they supposed to be together if Vincent can’t resist sacrificing himself to save others? Although Vincent promises that he’ll do whatever it takes to lead a normal life with Kate, will that mean letting innocent people die? When a new and surprising enemy reveals itself, Kate realizes that even more may be at stake—and that Vincent’s immortality is in jeopardy.

In Die for Me, Amy Plum created a captivating paranormal mythology with immortal revenants and a lush Paris setting. Until I Die is poised to thrill readers with more heart-pounding suspense, spellbinding romance, and a cliff-hanger ending that will leave them desperate for the third and final novel in the series.

My Thoughts:
In Die For Me I fell in love with a stunning cover and was delighted to find the contents delivered. I couldn't wait to return to the unique world of the Revenants but Until I Die was more than just another good installment, I felt like I was revisiting old friends

What's not to love about Kate, Vincent, Jules and Ambrose? Shame I couldn't say the same for new characters Violette and Arthur, I didn't like or trust them from the start but thought I was just being loyal to my favourites. Speaking of favourites, I adore Jules (sorry Vincent) ... just saying.

and when Kate steps up she really steps up. Check out her ballsy words with Arthur ... way to go Kate.

"You might be from a time when humans were looked down on by beings like yourself. A Time when men were the only ones considered smart enough to educate" - I gestured toward his pile of books - "and girls like Violette had to have protectors. But this is the twenty-first century. And I've got this" - I pulled out the signum and held it up for him to see - "that says I'm kindred. And I've got this" - I pointed at my head - "that says I'm as smart as you. And I have this" - I held up my middle finger - "that says go to hell, you immortal bigot."

Once again Amy Plum brings her A-game to the Parisian setting ... the essence of Paris oozes from the pages and I fell in love over and over again.  

The revenant concept really appeals to me and I liked learning more about revenant lore. Until I Die is the bridge to the final installment in the Revenant trilogy If I Should Die and it's a good strong bridge. Not the pace of the first book but character development is the winner here. 

The ending ... seriously could you hear me screaming?? I refuse to believe it's possible! I'm in denial! Do you hear me ... DENIAL!

Want to know more about Amy Plum? Check out her website and blog.

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  1. I am reading this at the moment and really enjoying it after a bit of slow start. Can't wait to get back to it this morning.

    1. keen to see what you thought of the ending Marg??

    2. GAH! And to have to wait a year to find out what happens next!

    3. LOL I reckon ... what a killer!

  2. Ohhhhhhhh this sounds good!! Adding to my list!!!

  3. SOLD! I am definitely getting my hands on this one.

    1. YAY can't wait to see what you think! Have you read Die For Me?

  4. I have heard good things about this author from Serendipity reviews :)

    1. yep so now you've heard from both of us ... you should soooo read these LOL

  5. You make this one sound so flippin' awesome! I love that the ending made you scream!!


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