Saturday, December 01, 2012

Aussie Summer Fun - BBQ's, Beaches & Bums

My Top 5 Australian Summer Memories

This is a guest post I did for Ryan at Wordsmithonia a few months ago while he was enjoying a much needed summer holiday. 

My fairy godmother seems to have taken a holiday of her own her mean pills, she refused my Tahiti vacation request, so to celebrate the 1st day of Summer in Australia, I'm doing the next best thing, sharing My Top 5 Australian Summer Memories with Pina Colada in hand ... cheers

1. BBQ’s

Summer is BBQ season and despite all the international throw-another-shrimp-on-the-barbie advertising, in Australia it’s just not a barbeque without snags (sausages). A sausage in bread with or without onion and tomato sauce is standard fare at any Aussie BBQ. And it’s just not summer or a BBQ without flies. I honestly don’t know why it is we insist on having BBQ’s at the height of summer … are US flies particularly sticky or is that a talent reserved only for Australian flies? Flies that stick in your eyes (and in little kids snot) or flies on steroids and if you’ve ever had one of those fly up your nose (in search of god knows what) you’ll know exactly what I mean. They say you aren’t a true blue Aussie until you’ve swallowed a fly … I am, I have and I can tell you ... gag, (you never know where their feet have been *see Open Air Cinema section below*) cough, rage ... true blue Aussie is not all its cracked up to be. 

Back to the BBQ … does anyone feel like eating now?

2. Coconut Reef Oil

This is one of my favourite summer smells, I immediately think of white beaches, swaying palm trees and the new Old Spice man glistening in coconut oil

  … oh where was I
Coconut oil replaced good old cooking oil or baby oil as a means of turning lily white skin to beef jerky. As a teen it was the ‘done’ thing to baste oneself in cooking oil and lay in the sun rotating, front, back, side, side … repeat, baking complete when you’re the consistency of crispy bacon. With increased skin cancer awareness, the tan-in-a-can look (oompa loompa) surged in popularity, glow-in-the-dark white became the new tan and SPF was added to coconut oil. I wonder if they make scratch and sniff thingies to feed my coconut smell addiction? J

3. Beaches

We really do have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world in Australia and for many Australians beach culture is very much a part of our lives. Our lifeguards and volunteer surf life savers do a fantastic job keeping Aussies & visitors safe on our beaches. What more could you ask for – sun, sand, surf, and for the most part the scenery isn’t bad.

4. Water Fun

Set up the sprinkler in the back yard, add a giant length of plastic and a bottle of dishwashing liquid and you’ve got a  home-made water slide and hours of fun for kids and the young at heart. Or my favourite, the sprinkler going full pelt under the hills hoist clothes line, hang on tight swinging round and round in the water spray. And when you get your bottom smacked for making the clothes line sag and squashing the family dog as you land (not that I’m speaking from experience) you decide the stinging bum is worth one more go.

With drought and water restrictions now very much a part of everyday life in many parts of Australia, home-made water fun is a thing of the past. We now have water theme parks; double the fun, safer for pooch and the sting is one to your wallet.

5. Open Air Cinema

Only open during summer. Pull up a bean bag, deck chair, a patch of grass, rug. BYO picnic, bring your favourite take-away or grab a typical movie treat on-site. Furry friends can see a movie too however disruptive canine guests will be asked to leave and unwelcome ‘deposits’ are frowned upon. In the case of untended deposits the offending pooch and owner will be evicted from the cinema without a refund (ok I made that last bit up but it sounds like it should be a rule and I mean … think of the flies!! *refer to BBQ section above*)

So who’s got a favourite summer memory to share?


  1. Yum yum, I love sausages :D Though I want them in a fireplace

  2. Mine is definitely playing in the sprinkler with my counsins at Christmas as I was growing up - ooo, and slip and slide in the front yard! That was fun!!!

  3. Ohhhhhhhh I am loving your summer faves!! And I LOVE BBQ!! YUM!!! And I don't know if you know this about Arizona ... it is a desert ... and it is HOT!! It is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit from April till ohhhhhhhhh about late October ...and it's dry... hot and dry!!! So there is NOTHING I like about Summer here!!! lol!! Have you gotten my package yet??? I am excited to hear when you get it!! :)

  4. So jealous that it is the first day of summer for you! Here in Ohio we did have an uncharacteristically warm day for December but next weekend they are calling for ice :(

    Your post made me laugh :) Flies are something I don't miss! I never got into the whole tanning/coconut oil thing because I have a natural tan. I do love the smell of coconut though! Bath and Body Works has some really nice tropical coconut lotions that they sell in the summer. I should buy some next year and save it to cheer myself up in the winter months :)

    My favorite summer memories include celebrating Canada Day (my mom's side of the family lives in Canada) by going to the lake and watching the firework displays, eating ice cream and listening to live Caribbean music.

  5. Fun post! I hope you have a fabulous summer!

    We BBQ a lot in the U.S. too, but seeing that I don't eat meat , BBQ is not much done at my house. Instead, we use our charcoal grill to make s'mores. Love them! S'more making is our big summer time activity along with swimming and bike riding.

    I hate flies. Yours sound nasty. Ours are incredibly annoying here in Northern lllinois and some bite but mostly just annoying buggars that always make me wonder what their purpose on earth is exactly....must be something important that I have yet to learn.

  6. You put a smile on my face tonight lady! I love the bum that you featured for the beaches. I want to see one that firm up close and personal. Um, I mean, I want to see the beautiful beaches and swim in the ocean!! This post was a riot and i want a snag! I'm going to start calling them that!!

  7. How did I miss you posting this? I'm still so grateful for you for doing this for me earlier this year.

  8. The Old Spice guy on the beach I can take. Not so much men wearing Speedos :)

  9. Hehehe we did sprinkler under the trampoline while jumping on it. Never did the oil up stuff being a kid of the 80's I slipped, slopped, slapped whenI even thought about going into the sun (thus my glow in the dark whiteness even though I do tan quite easily).


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