Monday, December 14, 2015

It's Sunday/Monday: Check-In Time

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On the home front: 
Very little reading done this week, crazy week, lots of appointments, granddaughter's swimming lesson, (can't wipe the smile off her face in the pool ... or out) Bella needed another vet visit for her skin, which typically flares up in the heat this time of the year. Hopefully the cortisone injection will kick in quickly and make her more comfortable. Our pool needs some TLC or it will be green in time for Christmas lol, my Thermomix was delivered but I haven't had time to play but the Christmas tree is finally up and Christmas shopping is underway ... yay.

I've had family staying so I'm a little late posting but will be by soon to see what you've been up to.

I'm looking forward to Sheila's First book of the Year 2016. Not sure yet what I'll be reading but it's always a lot of fun. Head over to Book Journey to sign up. 

#FitReaders Weekly Check-In

#FitReaders co-hosted by Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking AboutFitReaders is a great way to stay motivated, accountable and it's more fun having bloggy friends to check in with. If you also have a fitbit and want to add me, let me know :)  

It's been a huge week. I'm exhausted.

Fitbit Steps:
Mon: 9425 steps
Tue: 9228 steps ~ swim
Wed: 9267 steps ~ walk with Bella 
Thurs: 12,112 steps~ walk with Bella
Fri: 10,232 steps ~ swim & walk
Sat: 9331 steps ~ running after the energiser bunny
Sun: 14,933 steps ~ Christmas shopping 



COME FULL CIRCLE by Sherryl Caulfield (Iceberg Trilogy #3) ~ International Giveaway. Ends 19th December. Enter here.

To celebrate the launch of COME FULL CIRCLE, Sherryl is giving away a Come Full Circle Iceberg Pack. Click on the image or visit Sherryl on Facebook to enter.

This includes:

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Plus a bottle of Vodka made from the Greenland icebergs that flow down the coast of Newfoundland. Total value approximately $150.
"Imagine sitting on Rebecca’s verandah in Newfoundland, scanning the horizon for icebergs, reading Come Full Circle, listening to Jane Siberry and sipping vodka. Hopefully this prize pack comes close."


Reviews & Posts: (click on title) 

COME FULL CIRCLE by Sherryl Caulfield (Iceberg Trilogy #3) ~ Review & Giveaway. Totally worth the wait, I loved it!! 

NONNA'S LIBRARY: THIS LITTLE ROO WENT TO MARKET by Mandy Foot, OUR DOG KNOWS WORDS by Peter Gouldthorpe & THAT'S (NOT) MINE by Anna Kang ~ lovely selection of children's picture books. 


Finished last week: 

LITTLE BEACH STREET BAKERY by Jenny Colgan (audiobook) ~ fun. Looking forward to the next one. 


This Week's Reading List:

THE EYE OF THE SHEEP by Sofie Laguna ~ I bought this one almost a year ago and there it sat #mybad. After reading Deb's glowing review it's a priority.

NUTS by Alice Clayton (Hudson Valley #1) ~ oops forgot about our bookclub read. 

JUST SAY YES by Alyssa Goodnight ~ picked up this one after Kimberly @Caffeinated Book Reviewer sang its praises. 

THE INNOCENT by Taylor Stevens (Vanessa Michael Munroe #2) ~ I'm in the mood for more audio. 


Reviews Coming: 

ALONG THE INFINITE SEA by Beatriz Williams ~ From the halfway mark I couldn't put it down.  

THE THINGS WE KEEP by Sally Hepworth ~ heartbreaking & heartwarming

THE INFORMATIONIST by Taylor Stevens (Vanessa Michael Munroe #1) ~ (audiobook) 
Michael is an unusual character and I'm looking forward to continuing the series ... hopefully on audio, the narrator Hillary Huber is great. 


  1. Running after the energizer bunny :)

    I'm glad you got your Christmas tree put up. I chose not to put mine up again this year. There is just no time to do it or enjoy it. I didn't even hang up my pretty door wreath.

    Cute pictures of Mia! Glad she is enjoying the swimming lessons.

    I haven't picked out my first book of the year yet though I do plan to participate. I was kind of thinking about The Things We Keep. I saw that you loved it. I may go with something more lighthearted though like The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend.

    Have a great week!

  2. Busy week! It's such a busy time of year, I've hardly done any reading too. Glad your tree is up, that's half the battle (at least around here)!

    Your granddaughter is getting big- cute pics! Yay for the pool- I'm ready for summer again. Ha ha too bad for me it's going to be a while... have a great week and enjoy the holidays.

  3. She is so stinkin' cute!!! Great job - maybe Christmas shop more often to get in those steps. haha!

  4. It looks like Mia is enjoying swimming lessons! And you've definitely been busy! You're getting lots of steps in. We got a lot of Christmas shopping done yesterday and I'm exhausted! I could just curl up and sleep all day. Have a great week!

  5. Your granddaughter is adorable! You did great with the exercise too. Have a wonderful week.

  6. I hope you love Just Say Yes, and Nuts was hilarious. I remember swimming all winter when we lived in glad Mia loves it!

  7. Okay, I had to meander off and look up Thermomix! Sounds amazing. Never heard of it, but that's not surprising given my lack of prowess in the kitchen.
    Mia looks like she is really and truly a little water bunny. Gorgeous.
    I haven't decided my first book for the year either yet. Need to do some deciding.
    Wow you had a great week of walking, sorry to hear of poor Bella, nothing worse than a dog with skin condition, hope the jab helped her.
    Have put the Little Beach St Bakery into my wish list at Audible!

  8. Wow, you have been busy! She looks adorable and happy in the pool. Poor Bella! My friend's dog has sensitive skin and it is hard to watch them suffer. I hope the shot helps! I loved Nuts and I hope you are enjoying it. Have a great week!

  9. Oh, a Thermomix... very exciting - as long as you don't become part of that cult! ;-)

    They're apparently great however!

    Love that Mia loves the pool and swimming!

  10. Mia swimming! Could she get any cuter? We have to wait for summer to do lessons with Cole. My fitbit is on the fritz and I am losing out on all those shopping steps! LOL. Have a great week.

  11. She looks precious in the pool. Mine is green on the bottom right now. Just shocked it and now running the filter full time to pump in more chemicals. Should be good to go next week, but won't be jumping in. It's pretty cold. LOL I just took my dog in for an allergy shot. He looks like he has dandruff! He's feeling better now.

    My Sunday Post -

  12. Babies grow so fast. My grand children are here for Christmas and we are enjoying their company.

  13. She is soooooooooooo stinkin' CUTE CUTE CUTE! I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. You have had a busy week!! The photos of your granddaughter are just adorable. You can tell she enjoyed her swimming time :)

    I'm looking forward to Sheila's first book of the year, too!

  15. Always a great mix. I'm looking forward to the First Book of the Year meme also.

  16. Adorable Mia is the perfect "host" for your posts....LOL. Thanks for sharing her...and your books. I am hoping to love The Things We Keep. I'm curious about Nuts...and Come Full Circle.

    Enjoy your week...and thanks for visiting my blog.

  17. Most of these books are unfamiliar to me, thanks so much for sharing! :)

  18. Adorable the photos.

    Looking forward to your review of Along the Infinite Sea.

    I hope you are having a good week.

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading

  19. She is so cute! Gage loves swim lessons. We're taking a break for the winter and he misses it. I'm doing the first book of the year and haven't decided yet either!


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