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Review: The Striker by Monica McCarty

Title: The Striker
Author: Monica McCarty
Genre: Historical Romance

Series: Highland Guard
Publication Date: 24th November 2015
Pages: 416
Book Source: Pocket Books & NetGalley

Synopsis: Six years ago, Eoin "Striker” MacLean endured the greatest betrayal of his life, a disaster that led Robert the Bruce to a crushing defeat and left Eoin without the spirited woman who ruled his heart. Eoin knew that falling in love with his sworn enemy’s daughter was risky, dividing him between a possessive desire for beautiful Margaret MacDowell and an undying loyalty to his king. He promised Bruce that he would keep his fiery bride in the dark about the elite Highland Guard, but he could not predict the dire consequences his secret would have on his young marriage. Nor could he foresee how surrendering to temptation could cripple Bruce’s cause, forcing Eoin to blame his wife—and himself for trusting her.

Now, as Bruce prepares to challenge the resistance’s remaining strongholds, Eoin finally has his chance for revenge against the woman he once loved so fiercely and her entire clan. But when ferociously independent Margaret reveals a surprise that unites her with Eoin, neither of them will let their love go down without a fight.

Karen's Thoughts:
If you’ve been reading my reviews on The Eclectic Reader for some time, you may recall I’ve reviewed quite a few of Monica’s books in the Highland Guard series and I’ve loved them all.
I enjoyed The Striker but I found myself getting distracted; might have had something to do with the length of time between book 9 and 10 ... way too long for me ;) 

Whilst reading I found myself trying to recall who was who and at the mention of a Guard’s name, trying to recall their story which pulled me from Eoin and Margaret's story. I think if you're new to the series, reading The Striker as a stand alone, you won't have the same issue. The storyline flows beautifully and you'd be none the wiser. In fact with summer holidays now here, I may go back and do a re-read.

I really do enjoy McCarty’s books, Monica manages to successfully intertwine romance, humour, suspense and history into her storyline. 

I’m generally not a fan of ‘insta-love’ in romance, I prefer to see a build up of two people really getting to know each other before declarations of love are made, but with these two characters I felt them getting swept up by each other, and with Margaret being only 18, it was certainly believable that she would fall for the charismatic Eoin.

Whilst Highlanders might be known for their bravery and tough natures, they do not make good patients when injured ...

After a few minutes of trying to make him comfortable, Lamont gave up.  “Have fun, my lady, I’ll have the lad bring you some whisky for the pain.”
“I don’t need any blasted whisky,” Eoin said.
“Its not for you, it’s for her,” Lamont responded.

And whilst they may not always be known for being romantics, they do have their moments ...

“I was a wild, backward little heathen.  I don’t know what you saw in me.”
He forced her gaze back to his. “You were strong and beautiful and funny and outrageous and sensual as sin, and I loved you from practically the first moment I saw you.”
“You did?”  He nodded.
“I’ve never stopped.  God knows it would have been easier if I had, but you are in my heart, Maggie, and that is where you will stay.”

With the recent success of the Outlander book series being adapted to screen, Highland romance books will be flying off the shelves and I would highly recommend if you want to spend some time being romanced by a Highlander …. then this is a fantastic series to start with. 

Guest review by Karen

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  1. You know I like my highlanders :)

    1. Highlanders are still my favourite Book Boyfriend after all these years!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh this sounds wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It does doesn't it Julie, I know Karen loved this series from the start, it's on my must-read list!

    2. It really is a fantastic series Julie, only 2 more books after The Striker that will see this series end. I'm looking forward to seeing what new series Monica will come up with.

  3. Sounds good Karen and really I do have a weakness for stories set in the historical Scottish highlands! I loved Karen Moning's highlander series that I read a long time back!

    1. Mm mmm, Scotland and highlanders ... you really can't go wrong can you lol. This one and Karen Moning's series are on my groaning TBR pile.

    2. Oh yes Kathryn! I also enjoyed Karen Moning's Highlander really do need to catch up Teddyree 😉

  4. Thanks for another great review Karen, love the quotes you included. You know me, I have to start at the beginning of a series but at least I won't have the wait between books :)

    1. That is one positive to getting a delayed start in reading this series Teddyree. Once again, thanks for having me guest review on your blog!

  5. I do so like romance combined with history so this is one for me as well.

  6. I have a problem when their is too much time between books too! Great review :)


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