Friday, January 09, 2009

Someone Put the Brakes On

I can't seem to stop, I keep finding challenges that I Just Have To Do. Pretty soon there will be no time to eat or do housework (what a shame) or anything else of a social nature, other than correspond with all the other crazies who are caught up in the reading, reviewing, blogging frenzy. The Challenge world is calling, I am trying to find a good reason not to do the "Chunkster Challenge" I have the perfect epic tome Wally Lamb's 'I know this much is true' at 863 pages. Hmm a good reason hasn't jumped out at me, (my husband saying don't you think you are doing enough challenges just doesn't qualify) so... guess I'll have to sign up. LOL Joined the Outlander 2009 challenge today, hosted by Amy at the wonderful Passages to the Past


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